Wednesday, February 25, 2009

U and US? UBS or Just BS

They suck my body out
But friend there is no doubt
I'm gonna pay the devil his dues
Cause I'm sick of being abused

Eat the rich, eat the rich
Don't you know life is a bitch
Eat the rich, eat the rich
Out of the palace and into the ditch ~ Eat The Rich, Krokus

A dozen or so Americans are suing the Swiss Banking Giant UBS to keep their names secret. Why? Well, this stems from UBS agreeing to turn over information to the US Justice Department last week. Switzerland has always been a natural destination for pilfered funds.

But, this lawsuit is happening because those who put Tipsy Canoe into power did so to use the federal government to funnel Billions of dollars into their hands. That was the whole point of ensuring an ignorant patsy like Bush got into power.

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Donald Shea-Wood said...

Couldn't agree more. A most curious fact is that plutocrats like the cons couldn't succeed without their huge coast to coast propaganda machine, which for 30 years has been purring along virtually unnoticed, under the radar because it IS the radar, the machine being an allience between the Gannett publishing giant-80 dailies across the US and something like 900 periodicals-and R. Mudoch's electronic media- Fox etc talk radio, etc. The unfortunate fact is that they cannot be defeated. Montesque said it all when he said "...Republics fail through wealth and monarchies through poverty. Wecome to the machine.