Saturday, February 28, 2009

From whence comes this Economic Meltdown?

While the Work You to Death Republican Party would have you believe your financial problems are like natural disasters* and come about due to Freedom they stem directly from the Republican policies. Namely ensuring they use the power of the federal government to transfer billions, well Trillions nowadays, into their hands. While simultaneously convincing people it's the evil Democrats who are to blame.

Ron Paul places the blame directly where it belongs the wars to aid Islamic Extremists. As Paul states, we "killed a million Iraqis and pleased Bin Laden" and ruined our economy, to the point where an avowed Islamo-Marxist terrorist supporting Nigerian citizen was elected President.

It was interesting to observe the reaction to Paul placing the blame for conservative failure on Warmonging, the CPAC attendees were unsure of whether to applaud or not since the entire Bush platform has been Give War a Chance. The roots of the economic collapse are to be found directly, where the money goes, and the Trillions appropriated by the Bush regime for Military spending.

Now, since 01/20/09, things have gotten so bad, the Republicans are sponsoring Tea Parties (LT Nixon and Wonkette call it Tea Bagging Parties) in which the idea of overthrowing the government is being seriously considered.

After years of Piss Down Your Back Reaganomics, after the wars of Imperial Conquest of Tipsy Canoe, and 1 month into the Obama administration the situation is so dire a Revolution is required. Of course, these are the same people who for years declared even disagreeing with Bush was Treason and trotted out Sarah Hot and Palin to denounce Doe-mess-tick Tear-ohh-wrists. Except now, these same people believe using violence against the government is acceptable and imminent.

The anti-government movement has champions in Grover Norquist and is being touted as a grass roots populist explosion against government spending. Except these spontaneous American Tea Parties have roots as deep as algae. And who is carrying the water for these events?

Here are the sponsors of the 02/27/09 Chicago Tea Party:
the DontGo Movement; which is for free markets, low-taxes, low-regulation and personal freedoms. Presumably meaning Mr. Eric Odom was against the no-bid contracts given to contractors in Iraq, against stop-loss policy used on Soldiers and Veterans, and then staged protests against the Bush TARP bailout?

FreedomWorks; LessTaxes, LessGovernment, MoreFreedom. Freedom Works has a report on the roots of the financial crisis of 2008, tracing it back to the non-passage of the 1913 Federal Income Tax Amendment. Strangely reading through the document the 1980's receive no attention! Why not? Why Saint Reagan was president then! And he did nothing to expand the government or the national debt! And apparently during the Tipsy Canoe years the only problem was Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac! Although Ben Bernanke disagrees and stated the CRA was not to blame for the housing crisis.

Americans For Prosperity; AFP Foundation is committed to educating citizens about economic policy and a return of the federal government to its Constitutional limits.

Smart Girl Politics; Smart Girl Politics (SGP) is thrilled that Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann agreed to be the first person interviewed for our A Profile in Conservatism series. Uh-Huh, Michelle Bachmann #1 Conservative.

My personality has guided me to the Individualist Anarchist political ideal for several years. During the most criminal years of the Bush Regime (i.e. the entire 8 years) I conducted several thought experiments on the consequences of "more active" resistance and fortunately or unfortunately the conclusions I reached were unacceptable to me. In discussions with friends I've always told them the reason I could never accept "more active" resistance to the government and a removal of the current system would be the danger for their children. I am unwilling to take lives to actually change political realities. I am especially unwilling to fight those I would be arrayed against. In trying to live one day as a lion, I, a pawn would not be sent up against the object of my derision. No my fury would be spent fighting against other pawns, under control and being used by the same puppet masters to whom I myself belong.

When something like a a violent revolt gets started no one, no one can control it's course, there are too many variables which come into being and conspire to spiral events out of control. And yet, we have Senator Jim DeMint, an elected official, urging conservatives to "take to the streets to stop America's slide into socialism".

And this is the prime question which should be put to the Michelle Malkin's (aaaagh! I mean She Who Shall Not Be Named 2) and all the other Armies of Activists who are referencing John Galt, quoting the Second Amendment and polishing their walnut stocks; Are you willing to kill the young men in the police and national guard who would be the first ones sent in to stop a revolt?

*- And no money should be spent to avoid natural disasters, like observing volcanoes.


Boxcar Fritz said...

I'm sick of Bob Jindal and his pro-volcano agenda.

ran said...

So I just watched Santelli's rant for the first time. What sort of incitement to "rebellion" is a speech where the speaker grins throughout it? It was obviously disingenuous. If he truly felt the way he said he did he'd be fuming. And I love the way he thinks the traders behind him are a good sample of the American public.

Anyway, the supposed 400 people that showed up to the Chicago t-party obviously have the right to's too bad they don't realize the forces they are unwittingly working for are not trying to help them.

I love how Obama trying to raise the top tax rate from a near historical low has sent the inherited class into a tizzy. If they lived during the "socialist" Eisenhower administration they'd be paying 91%. If they lived during that "commie-lovin" Nixon administration they'd be paying 70+%. During the cold war we built a strong economy that out-competed the Soviet Union, slowly driving them towards critical mass, avoiding nuclear annihilation in the process, and all the while had a top tax rate typically in the 70%-90% range regardless of which party had the White House. The rich did OK then didn't they?