Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Cool Parent

Poor people get bored, too... ~ JCvD, Hard Target (1993)

During the last dreadful months of Tipsy Canoe's Reign of Terror, at the behest of the economic bastards who control him and his party, the American people experinced a smash-n-grab pilfering. As a last kick to the coccyx a scheme was concocted to push through the TARP and directly funnel Billions of dollars to the rich (My Base as Tipsy calls them) while Oil companies gouged people with super-inflated gas prices, reaching over $4.50 a gallon in the Chicago-land area in 2008, which to this day no one in the Bush regime has explained or seems to have any inclination of explaining.

The battle between the parties* is like the battle between two divorced parents over their kids. Each wants the kids to choose them over the other, each uses dirty tactics. Each wants to use the government to enrich themselves, their cronies and their masters. The Republicans, have, developed a very clever idea. Be completely irresponsible and when the bill comes due leave it to the Democrats. They want to be the "Cool Parent".

Over the last 8 years Bush, like all Republicans, ran the country into the ground using the Piss Down Your Back Reaganomics. The clean-up is now in the hands of Obama. And wouldn't you know it, before he even took office the Republican Hounds began barking and yelping at the uncool Democrats who want to raise taxes and be fiscally irresponsible. Heres what Jack Cafferty has to say about Republican "fiscal responsibilty".

Will Obama's plan work? I don't know. But, the Republican party is a criminal Corporate Welfare Gang, they work tirelessly to Privatize Profits and Subsidize Losses. The Republicans know if they're honest about their Socialist plans to funnel Trillions of dollars to the Gang of Corporate Hacks, the people would rebel.

*- Libertarians are like your uncle who drops by every few years smelling like Denmark.

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