Monday, July 8, 2024

Will Democrats fall for the banana in the tailpipe and replace Joe Biden? The New York Times sure hopes so!

 Of all the foibles the Democratic Party falls victim too none is as pernicious as believing what other people say is their best course of action.

Yet again, the New York Times is trying to stick a banana in
America's Presidential Tailpipe 
The Republican Party, Corporate Media, well-fed comfortably ensconced punditry, and Gaza deranged Bernie Brogressives all agree Genocide Joe Biden should go.  That would be the President who defeated Trump in 2020.

Rightwing scum sucking “reporters” smell blood in the water and are pouncing with false stories of In-flight medical crisis on Air Force 1 and anonymous White House officials confirming Joe Biden is going to resign immediately, and the odious claims by Peter Baker and the New York Fucking Times Joe Biden has Parkinson's (reminiscent of when rightwing liars proclaimed Hillary Clinton had one foot in the grave 8 years ago) all designed to suppress the vote, to muddy the waters, to fling enough shit and flood the zone so that Donald John Traitor Trump can steal back into the White House and do to America what he's done to women and little girls his entire life.  Rape Us.

Why exactly is the New York Times not covering the revelation that Donal Trump is a child fucking rapist?  Why exactly is the Corporate Media pushing the Joe Biden resign story over everything?  Because they want him gone.  Because they are all in on putting Trump back into the White House.  The courtiers at the New York Times and the propagandists at Faux News all believe they are in a class hierarchy above Joe Biden.  They see in Donald Trump a vulgar cosplay member of the phony aristocracy and enjoy his "showmanship".  It's exactly the same playbook as Clinton Cash and Clinton Emails the New York Times ceaselessly pushed in the final weeks running up to the 2016 elections.

And I (and others) can already see how the Media will be more than willing to undermine and destroy Kamala Harris (using the twin prongs of racism and misogyny against her).

Well, Fuck everyone who is clamoring for Joe Biden to drop out because you are willingly helping Republicans bring down this Nation.  That goes for you too Jon Stewart, who only was too fucking willing to slag on President Obama and too fucking eager to both sides everything, well fuck off to your comfortable chalet and easy living'

We, the People want Joe Biden to be President.  The pliant Media and their Rich Owners do not.

The Republicans are openly promising to round you up, place you into trucks and train cars, and process you in "the Staging Grounds" and you're busy slandering President Biden?

“We’re going to come after you, whether it’s criminally or civilly. We’ll figure that out. But yeah, we’re putting you all on notice.” 

Kash Patel announces he and other Project 2025 Terrorists will murder journalists, even those who are debasing themselves to help Trump get back into the White House.  If you find yourself pushing the narrative that Joe Biden should step down, congratulations you're signing your own and millions of other human beings death warrants.

Vote for Joe Biden as though your life depends upon it because it does, for when the Republicans come to arrest you and process you at "the Staging Grounds" the NewYork fucking Times will be glad to report on it.


Anonymous said...

Trump was already president once. It was fine. It’s going to be okay.

Anonymous said...

Why be “Unknown” you fascist shitbird? Also Trumps gonna lose so go cope.