Thursday, December 2, 2021

The Revenge of the Thin Blue Line 9: Damn! They're very slowly getting away!

They're... very... slowly... getting... away!

So, a Tucson Police Officer posted on an off-duty assignment at a Walmart is going to be terminated for shooting a 61-year old wheel-chair bound shoplifter. 

But, but, but! The dastardly shoplifter was committing a crime (he had reportedly stolen a toolbox) and allegedly brandished a knife at the Officer when asked to provide proof of payment.  Clearly, this was a "criminal" with a dangerous weapon, issuing threats, and entering another store with innocent people around.  So why is the Officer not being lauded for stopping a person who refused to follow lawful orders?

First, understand the "just comply" responders are talking about those people complying with Police, conservatives are special snowflakes who can flout law enforcement at will, up to and including, beating Officers who are trying to stop Insurrectionists storming the U.S. Capitol.

Second, this is a Police Department policy failure.  Off-duty Officers shouldn't be working as mall cops.  Carrying his duty weapon?  Call for an officer to respond and identify the man.  Take pictures of the man.  Follow him from more than 5 feet away.  Or... pump 9 rounds into a guy in a wheel-chair.

Third, this is nothing more than a misdemeanor retail theft.  Who the fuck fucking cares?  A fucking toolbox.  But, this is America... and the Gun is the Final Arbiter of the Law.

It's also part of the Dave Grossman Police Officer Training mantra;  Use more Violence. Murder! Kill! Kill!  Kill!  If you think I'm being hyperbolic, I'm not;  Grossman self-titled his training method as KilLOLogy

Grossman, of course, is highly deceitful about his training claiming his Warrior Training (Grossman changed it to "Sheepdogs" in the last few years) is about saving lives.  The inversion of reality through language is a classic Police technique.  Like when an Officer writes in his report 'he assisted a person to the ground' instead of writing he threw the guy down. 

What Grossman's grotesque training actually does is create fear-driven murder drones over-eager to drop the hammer and kill "civilians" because of their subjective fear which has been trained into them.  The damage the despicable Grossman has done to Law Enforcement is going to take a generation to repair. 

Of course, here in Illinois we have a spate of mob grab mass thefts of high end merchandise.  Now, the thefts themselves are being conducted by black people but, the question is who is funding this and who is the end buyer?  Clearly, the thieves are not selling the Louis Vuitton bags in the alleyways of the Mag Mile.  So where are they ending up?

In the meantime, continue to expect Police Officers to gun down Americans.


Kulkuri said...

Tried doing an image of Cartman "Respect My Authority" but couldn't copy and paste.

Grung_e_Gene said...


South Park is gross "comedy" consisting almost entirely of punch-down jokes. The Cartmanization of America is another building block in conservatives destruction of the United States.