Saturday, November 16, 2019

The Degradation of America. Can Impeachment save Us and the US?

"You read where we’re sending some troops to Saudi Arabia. That’s true. Because we want to help Saudi Arabia. They have been a very good ally. They’ve agreed to pay for the cost of those troops. They’ve agreed to pay fully for the cost of everything we’re doing over there. . . . Saudi Arabia is paying for 100 percent of the cost, including the cost of our soldiers. And that negotiation took a very short time — like, maybe, about 35 seconds."- Trump Gibberish
The Revelations from these first two days of the Impeachment are devastating. Direct evidence of Trump's longtime association with pimps and gangsters, bribery, extortion, back-room deals in the fucking White House, and Trump in real time committing another Impeachable offense on Twitter.

Of course, anyone familiar with Trump is not surprised he's a two-bit hood. And anyone who saw Trump have Official White House transcripts altered to lower his golf scores, can not really be surprised Trump would treat the Presidency as his personal enrichment device via the same mobbed-up grifter tactics he's used since the 1970's.

Fittingly, Gym Jacketoff Jordan is leading the Republican defense of Trump because Jordan has a history of shrugging his shoulders and ignoring crimes brought to his attention.
"I guess you probably know the numbers were extremely lopsided, right? I’m just trying to figure out the few people who voted the other way. Who are they? Who are they? Find out who they are, please, and let us know." - Trump Fascist Gibberish 
At the core of the problem is Conservative beliefs taken to their logical conclusion lead inexorably to fascism. The greatest examples of Conservative Government are: The Confederacy of 1861, Apartheid South Africa, Chile post 1973, the Estate Novo in Portugal from 1933-1974 and of course the crown jewel of conservatism Nazi Germany.
We are 1 year away from seeing whether or not the United States becomes the latest Nation to plunge into outright Fascism. Ultimately Republicans will not and can never be counted upon to do the right thing. Republicans long ago abandoned their so-called principles, morals, ethics, and values for Power; the power to say Suck it Libtard!

Now, this is not a warning that Violence from conservatives is coming; that violence is already here. And Trump is solidifying, wittingly or not, his support amongst his Magat Cult by pardoning convicted American military War Criminals.

So the question will be once Trump loses the 2020 election (because Senate Republicans will never vote to convict him during his Impeachment) and he refuses to abide by the election results, will the Republicans declare the election invalid because we have already crossed the Rubicon?

Sadly, the Republican Party, that vile den of scum and villainy, will have the power to determine the fate of the United States. I'm certain most Republicans would be more than happy to just slow down the Government of a President Elizabeth Warren for 4 years and gear up for a return to power in 2024, but some of the Republicans are full-on #QAnon lunatics and members of the Magat Horde and they may believe the propaganda they spew. If they control the narrative and direction of the Republican Party well then Trump stays in power and the United States faces the prospect of Civil War 2.0.

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