Thursday, October 17, 2019

Traitor Trump surrenders to Erdogan and Vlad Putin

If Trump wasn't an avowed Traitor would you be able to tell by his actions? Trump's syphilitic ignorance and his pathetic fear over his multiple Impeachable actions coming to light have pushed him into panic mode.

But, thankfully NPR today conducted another "Cletus Safari" to find out What do Trump voters think.* And lo and behold, Trump voters declare they love him because he's pro-life, doing such a tremendous job with the Military, and they are disingenuously mad and shocked at the media for saying Trump isn't acting Presidential.

There is no reaching the Maga Horde. Instead, all efforts must be made to fight voter suppression and to get as many Democratic voters to the polls. A Trump 2020 Victory will be as the Arch-Traitor himself declares, "....Death to America."

*- The media under Trump, in their relentless drive to normalize him, run variations on 4 stories;
  1. Both Sides Do It.
  2. Democrats in Disarray!
  3. What do Trump Voters think?
  4. Today, Trump, truly became President... 

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