Saturday, September 14, 2019

In Trump America, the Troops (financially) support the President

One of the refrains from the W(worst POTUS Ever) maladministration was, 'Supporting the Troops means Supporting the President', conservatives used it over and over and over to declare anyone who was against the Iraq War or the Cheney Administration "Bush Administration" was anti-American.

It's an effective rhetorical club, that conservatives used repeatedly.

Of course, nooooow you can't find a conservative anywhere who supported Hillary Clinton's Iraq War boondoggle. But, back then being against the Iraq War was Treason!

Today under the Traitor Trump Regime, the Troops are supportin' the President by staying at his resort,
The U.S. Air Force has lodged crews at President Donald Trump’s Scotland resort up to 40 times since 2015, a figure that is far higher than previously known.
Don't expect the revelation to cause any consternation amongst conservatives. But, Trump's fool-proof tweets of nothing to do with me and "Fake News" will ensure Republicans do nothing about this, and after all this makes 'libtards' angry and #OwntheLibs is the whole of the law.

Trump agreed to enact all the Republican policies by requesting the keys to the US Treasury and unfettered access to loot the Department of Defense budget.

Trump wants his Wall so much because it is the crowning theft in his career of thievery, the greatest grift of all-time, it will cement Trump's legacy as the Greatest Grifter who ever was...

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W. Hackwhacker said...

Gene -- i've got nothing to add except it's good to have your voice back! We need you.