Thursday, September 5, 2019

Alabama Sharpie Hurricane Dorian

Trump has quintupled down on Sharpie-Gate, Hurricane Dorian Gate, The worst of all timelines gate.

Trump was wrong about Hurricane Dorian but, Trump didn't get where he is today, by admitting fault or being wrong, he got here by gaslighting and lying. So, Trump released a patently and ridiculously fake weather map image, including a last minute drawn in by sharpie loop striking Alabama.

This is not what the Greatest Nation in Human history does, this is what a banana Republic with a cult of personality dictatorship does. Of course, one of the two major parties in the United States is the Banana Republicans... so... well here we are...

Jill Wine-Banks points out that Trump's sharpie altered weather map is actually a violation of federal law. But, conservatives have longed for a Dictatorship and will do what they always do; violently believe Trump's lies and tell libtards to suck it, because the only principle guiding the right is #OwntheLibs. Just remember conservative fucking love Trump for his lying and can not wait to vote for him again. Plan accordingly.

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