Friday, December 9, 2016

Heil Trump! MAGAmericans will be the new people and under MAGA Conservaive Neo-Nazis shall rule

"Hail Trump! Hail Our People! Hail Victory!" Conservative Neo-Nazi Dick B. Spencer declares The Drumpf Reich
In 40 days the Republican Party will begin dismantling the social safety net, eliminating Government, and instituting MAGA across the land. MAGA will replace all other forms of patriotism, governance, and free speech in the country. So what do I mean by MAGA?

No longer will Americans be paid in near worthless federal reserve notes (End The FED!!!), instead MAGA Bux will be available to use in Donald Trump's Food Banks (no Trump Steaks for certain people), or Mike Pence's cultural approved centers (No Hamilton!), or to trade in for vouchers for Paul Ryan's CouponCare or the newly created MAGAcare!

MAGAcare will "quickly" and "efficiently" replace the ACA and the failed policy known as Obamacare. Under MAGAcare, poor Americans will have the option to die quickly but, with out the onerus burden of receiving care under the evil tyranny of Obamacare.

Political Correctness (PC) will be eliminated and will be replaced by Patriotic Correctness (PC). Under the New PC, MAGA Speech will be the only speech code approved by Trump and his inner cabal of Conservative Neo-Nazis and accepted by MAGAmericans. Forms of unacceptable speech shall include criticizing Donald Trump, protesting Republicans, rejecting military control of the Government, watching TV other than Faux News or The Apprentice, reading internet sites unapproved by Breitbart, burning Confederate Flags, and refusing to salute during the new National MAGAnthem, these will be punished by MAGAexecutions.

MAGA Lives Matter will quite naturally replace All Lives Matter as MAGAmericans recognize that only their lives matter. Especially since Director of Homeland Security Sheriff David Clarke will have declared Black Lives Matter are terrorists thus allowing the MAGAparamilitary to unleash peace keeping operations on #blm and all those associated with it. MAGAexecutions will swiftly follow as anyone who supports or identifies with #blm will be automatically be a threat and the MAGA Homeland Security agents will always be in fear for their lives.

The EPA will transition into the MAGAPA, a new federal regulatory body which will ruthlessly track down and eliminate the #NODAPL criminal protesters (more MAGAexecutions), and fast track the pipeline, safeguard the inalienable rights of pollution factories to dump petcoke along the Calumet waterway, mercury (HG) into the Great Lakes, rain down lead dust on nearby towns, and spill any other toxic waste into the air and waterways on their property, which are sometimes erroneously referred to as the commons or America.

The Departments of Education shall henceforth be the Department of MAGAducation and the Department Labor will become the MAGAwork. MAGAducation will focus on the conservative truths about America; how there was no one here in the New World when The White Man arrived and even if there were they weren't strip-mining and deforesting the land so they weren't really using the place. And the new MAGAwork will ensure that all Americans are given the freedom to work for as little as possible, eventually transitioning to free labor in order to achieve 100% employment. MAGAwork will set US free.

The 2nd Amendment shall henceforth be known as MAGAmendment and be the first and last argument, especially when some libtard starts speaking that Old PC garbage and tramples on MAGA speech.

In all seriousness, liberals need to start formulating a plan of action and need to hold the Democratic Party to it. That plan should include all manner of parliamentarian rigamarole, political brinksmanship, and outright chicanery.

Because playing by the norms and rules of the system is a receipe for the furtherance of right-wing fascism. RepublicaNazis began their descent into fascism with Nixon's southern strategy, fully embraced it with the addled Raygun's faux cowboy diplomacy, ignored decorum with the hunting of President Clinton, stole the Presidency in 2000, obstructed and derailed the Government through President Obama's tenure, and are now set to inaugurate the worst Government the world has seen since 1932. All of these have been frowned upon by Democrats as they expected Republicans to uphold some traditions and were reluctant to confront the conservative neo-nazi advance.

As Robert F. Kennedy observed in 1962, "We all agreed in the end that if the Russians were ready to go to nuclear war over Cuba, they were ready to go to nuclear war, and that was that. So we might as well have the showdown then as six months later."

The time for Gentlemanly governance is past. RepublicaNazis have completely abandoned even the semblance of cooperation they will stop at nothing to advance the right-wing dream of Neo-Feudal Wage Slave Nation. The Era of Conservative Neo-Nazi Fascist MAGA is upon us.


W. Hackwhacker said...

That's a modern day Hieronymus Bosch portrait you've painted, with words.

We've just got to keep in mind that these gargoyles don't represent the voters, and they don't represent what the voters have said about progressive programs and policies. With that moral and factual shield, it's on into battle.

Grung_e_Gene said...

W. Hackwhacker,

Of course, Drumpf Reich voters don't represent America that's why they've been fighting to make sure only they get to vote. Americans consistently reject Conservative values and "ideas". The problem is fascists don't care about voting or Democracy or the American Dream, what they care about is shackling every American into Corporate Bondage because they know by aiding their Neo Feudal RepublicaNazis they will get to act as the Guard Dogs of the Plutocracy keeping everyone else in chains.

David said...

You think the Democratic Party has the will, let alone the ability, to halt the slide into fascism?

Please be serious.

From this point on I fear it's just step by step toward the abyss, congratulating themselves all the way for being willing to compromise.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Then we need to make them... and if that fails I would rather not think about the evil the conservative neo-nazis will unleash upon US and the world.

Jerry Critter said...

It is not the Democratic Party that will make the difference. It is the people!

Jerry Critter said...

The party does not vote. It is the People! So far, about half of the People don't give a shit, so about a quarter of the People rule...the Deplorable quarter.

David said...

Gene - Well sure, in principle, but you're talking about trying to rebuild a useful political structure out of some pretty rotten wood there.

The only small comfort I find right now is that Trump and his inner circle are so manifestly incompetent and unprepared that their revolution will implode from within.

However, I'm not sure what the deplorables will do when that happens.

David said...

Jerry - Yes, that is indeed the crux of the problem. It is obvious that Trump won (setting aside that he didn't, in popular terms) only because a critical mass of voters, including millions of his own voters hilariously, genuinely believed that he couldn't win.

Liberal democracies are ugly things. In evolutionary terms, they shouldn't exist: there are too many forces pushing against the system for it to be stable. They can only survive if enough people are willing to invest the time and effort to keep them going. You can blame the media for turning elections into sporting events, or political parties for trashing any semblance of integrity in the system, or the Tea Party crawling out of the woodwork to feast on the rotten debris, but the bottom line is, once the system sinks to a certain level, all you need is someone to come along and pick up the pieces by promising to make the trains run on time.

America isn't alone in this, but 2016 clearly demonstrated to me that enough people simply aren't concerned anymore.

Maybe the Trump election will be a shock to the system that gets people energized again. Otherwise America gets marked down in the same column as the Weimar Republic.

Grung_e_Gene said...


What we've seen is the Democratic Republic system which has evolved in the US is weak and suseptible to bad actors, In Game Theory terms the Republicans are defectors and Democrats are cooperators. Things are different when it comes to voting as conservatives routinuely vote for Republicans no matter what whereas liberals defect and sometimes don't vote for Democrats to teach them a lesson, this causes reams of moaning where leftists are chided for not consistently voting the Democratic candidate.

Moving forward The Democratic Party needs to adopt, at a minimum, a Tit-for-Tat and would be better off adopting a Double Tit-forTat strategy to deal with Republican Defections.

Now, Game Theory is no way to run a country and the problem is many people are going to suffer. BUT, as we see Trump's cabinet choices and the plans of Republicans in Congress they are going to purposefully hurt millions of Americans, so there's no need to cooperate with them.

I realize I say this from a privileged point of view and I wish we had a functioning Government instead of a Party of Thugs and Hooligans steadily pushing us into Corporate Bondage and Wage Slavery.

David said...

I don't dispute your thinking in terms of game theory but I do, and have always, thought very seriously about the relationship between those games and real life.

First, human history would suggest that a "government of thugs and hooligans" is the natural order of things and liberal democracy is the aberration. That's not to say I wouldn't sacrifice anything I believed it would take to keep liberal democracy intact -- just that without constant struggle, liberal democracy will regress to the more natural order of things, as it is now doing. I think too many of us in the West, not just in America but probably everywhere, have forgotten this hard-learned lesson and imagined that we could just sit back and let our systems creak along untended.

Second, the critical question really is: when do people realize that the threat they face is so serious that a radical change of direction is necessary in order to confront it? Not yet, obviously, in the case of the Democratic Party - but when? What would it take?

I've spent a lot of time thinking about this question in the context of climate change over the last few years and much less so in the context of political regimes but I don't think the answers from history or from nature are very encouraging, which is doubly depressing because neither fascists nor climate change are actually complex problems. The complexity comes from trying to solve them on the cheap and with a minimum of effort, which in turn means that we must not think they are very serious problems, or else we would try harder to solve them.

It's conceivable that saying rational people should band together to prevent the rise of fascism or to prevent the destruction of civilization through rapid climate change is a bit like saying that the cape buffalo should band together to kill off all the lions. They certainly should, but the gap between what rational choice theory says we should do and what our brains actually make possible is simply too great.

Grung_e_Gene said...

David, From what I'm hearing (albeit second or third hand) the Democrats are going to fight some of the Trump agenda. But, I believe you are correct trying to solve this on the cheap or with minimum effort is a guaranteed defeat. But, I disagree with your Cape Buffalo/ Lion analogy. We need to band together to fought off the ravenous band of poachers coming to slaughter the buffalo for one generations profit.
And that's what we need to do label the RepublicaNazi Party traitors and villians everyday and concede nothing.

David said...

Gene - Of course they are, but there is a world of difference between fighting "some of someone's agenda" and confronting the fact that their agenda is fascist. I won't belabor that point because I think even though we're going back and forth on this we're probably actually on the same page.

Obviously I hope my analogy is wrong, too, but I don't think it's something to dismiss out of hand. Humans are animals. If we're unable to coordinate rational solutions to collective problems, that would be the normal state of affairs for animals. Trumpists and other fascists thrive because our brains just aren't very good at rational thinking and not many people have the right combination of either life experience or education to realize and then think past their own limitations.

Given any chance whatsoever to keep muddling along under the pretence of "business as usual," most people will do that even as the foundations are clearly crumbling around them. The Democratic Party institutionally is a textbook example of this.