Monday, December 12, 2016

From Russia with Love; Donald Trump pawn of Putin and the hacking of the American Democracy

"The Truth is that men are perhaps weary of Liberty." - Benito Mussolini, conservatives believe Liberty means the ability to oppress liberals, control women, steal elections, and kill minorities. 
The Republican Party knew the Russian Government was hacking the 2016 Presidential Election and they did not care. 

Cheeto Benito Trump requested Putin and Russian hackers conduct cyber-attacks on the United States and conservatives not only didn't care they cheered it on.

I don't ever want to hear from a conservative again about Patriotism. Conservatives put Party first, they put power first, they put Putin first. I don't ever want to hear about Big Government. Conservatives are the Party of Bigly Government.

I don't ever want to hear a conservative talk about Love of Country and Freedom ever again. Conservatives have choosen to undermine the United States, her elections, and her governmental institutions with the assistance of a Foreign Power.

I don't ever want to hear a conservative talk about Treason, Conservatives and their RepublicaNazi elected officials have sided with a foreign government against their own fellow countrymen, they are the definition of Traitors.

Conservatives have been in love with Putin for years. Conservatives are drawn to an authortarian strong-man. Everything coming from right-wing should be understood coming from Traitors. When reporting on Trump and the Republican Party, the lede should be Today Trump lied about this... or The Traitorous Republican Party enacted a policy which seeks to harm 1000's of Americans...

Trump is wholly owned by Russia and in hock to Putin. When Trump suffered one of his multiple bankruptices, Putin bankrolled him with the understood agreement they would be paid back. Well, that tab has come due and Putin is going to be paid back.

Putin's been controlling Trump for years. Melania is a Russian Agent whose mission has been to control and direct Donald Trump at Putin's Behest. Sure, it's a disgusting job for her but for Putin it's been a Bigly Success and the Republican Party does not care.

Russia's economy has been tied to oil exports for decades now. Obama's leadership on the Iran deal opening up their oil reserves and Obama's leadership in isolating Russia after the annexation of Crimea have crippled Russia's economy.

Adding in the friction over Syria, Putin needed a weakening of the United States and saw their chance with the clownish Trump and evil agenda of Trump's cabal of conservative neo-nazis, Trump and the traitorous Republican Party are set to devastate the United States from within and eliminate our abilities and reputation abroad.

This is The Beginning of the End of the Democratic Republic. Of course, this smacks of hyperbole, as people have been speaking of the end of the Republic since 1800. But, only Tojo, Osama Bin Laden, and Robert E. Lee have done more damage to the United States than the Republican Party and their bevy of conservative neo-nazis. Now we have the admission that a political party openly invited a foreign government to mess with our elections and that party not only didn't care they requested that aid to gain power.

Conservatives are set on doing what Putin's Soviet Union failed at; Destroying the United States.

In an explicit quid pro quo , Trump had nominated Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State.

As CEO of Exxon Tillerson worked out a $500 billion dollar deal with the Putin's state oil company. President Obama's sanctions on Russia for Putin's warmongering in 2014 cancelled this deal. Now that Putin has helped Trump sneak into the White House with less votes. As Trump is Putin's Pawn he dutifully paved Tillerson into Sec of State to push the deal through.


Jerry Critter said...

The Deplorables have been had...and I bet most of them are too stupid to even realize it.

David said...

Jerry -- The deplorables will never admit that they were conned, naturally. Some of them lack the intellectual chops to realize it; the rest are, like most of us, too unwilling to admit they goofed even after it's become long obvious to everyone else.

One cannot say the same about the professional corps of the party, who were more than intelligent enough to at least suspect what they were getting into bed with and cheerfully did so anyway on the calculus that (a) it was better not to sacrifice their careers for the sake of principle and (b) that when push came to shove they could always control him in the end.

Shades of Weimar there.

And here I thought The Manchurian Candidate was just fiction. This should be recognized as the greatest covert operation in the history of intelligence, I think.

One that should have been blown and burned to the ground a dozen times over, but then, you could say the same thing about the cracking of Enigma. When your opponent is lazy, incompetent, and stupid, victory comes easier.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Jerry and David,

The Deplorables want the Awesome Power of Government no matter what. In Trump's America they get to go around telling black and brown people they will be killed by conservative neo-nazis and conducting a terror campaign upon those that Took their Country that fills right-wing bigots with immense joy.

Already Faux News showed they don't care about the country but, know carrying Trump's Water and obfuscating will mean they are the mouthpieces of authority. So, they ran piece after piece designed to keep the deplorables confused and to... Blame Barack Obama... So that the conservatives will readily go along with the Right-Wing Agenda because some scraps of power from the Plutocrat's table will drop down to them.

David said...

Gene - Yes, and this is the most important part of any authoritarian movement: you have to insulate your followers from outside views. I'm not sure even Trump has thought this through yet. His Cabinet picks suggest he fully intends the sort of classically plutocratic regime that right-wing politicians were always accused of secretly supporting.

Of course to keep the far right on board the plutocracy will need to create a "space space" for their bigotry and xenophobia, but that shouldn't be too hard for it to accomplish.

It's moments like this that my conservative side resurfaces, in a way. My actual conservative side, I mean, not these bigoted revolutionary morons. Laws and social norms are what we use to cover over and tame the darker side of human nature. Puncture them, and you never quite know what's going to ooze out through the cracks, but it's usually very, very ugly.

After an entire lifetime of putting up with slurs for my progressive views, it hasn't escaped my notice that the red-themed party turns out to be in bed with the Reds after all

Grung_e_Gene said...

Conservatives will make America conform to their views with violence and legerdemain.

When the rest of the world doesn't conform, they will 1st) blame Barack Obama and 2nd) begin agitating for bombings and war.

David said...

Well, yes, Obama, but also the Clintons, Mitt Romney, Chris Christie, and any number of other conspirators.

I always found the conspiracy stories at the center of show trials in places like North Korea and Stalinist Russia farcical. Little did I know I'd be living in one. By this time next year the alt right will no doubt have connected the dots between the Clinton Foundation, the CIA, Marco Rubio, Al Gore, Ted Cruz, and any number of others conspiring to Keep America Poor by wrecking their own businesses.

Dervish Sanders said...

Melania is a Russia spy? Where did you get that from? Sounds like fake news to me. Everything else you write sounds accurate, though. Trump will lift sanctions so Exxonmobil can make a LOT of money. Surely Exxon will be contributing heavily to the campaigns of Republicans that receive the Trump stamp of approval. Smells like fascism to me.

I see all said...

The Republican party and the Tea Party are all anti-American and treasonous.