Monday, October 31, 2016

Why do Conservatives sell themselves so cheaply to the Republican Party?

As America moves forward into the 21st century, the 2016 election has produced reams of justifications for White Working Class (WWC) continued defection to the Republican Party, under the catch-all of "economic anxiety".

Of course, it's a surreal joke that the WWC supports the very same party which has been cutting their economic throats all along. Even now, Donald Trump's supposed campaign alludes to the vague promise of making America Great again and delusions of so much winning you (the white males who comprise his supporters) will get tired of it.

Now, I know why conservatives like James O'Keefe, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Karl Rove, or whomever fluff the flagging Republican Party, they get paid handsomely to do so. But, besides the occasional state law, like Mike Pence's feel free to discriminate against non-christians law or Governor McCory's beat up non-conformists in bathrooms law, the Republican Party has done the bidding of the 1% and advanced the interests of the Plutocracy, while doing nothing to help and much to harm the WWC. So, why do the WWC cling to the Republican Party so tightly after receiving little tangible benefit?

Since the election of evil Ronnie Raygun, Conservatives and especially the WWC have gotten nothing from the Republican Party so why do they keep going back to them?

All of Bill Clinton's outreach and all of Barack Obama's outreach was met with disdain, anger, and threats/acts of violence by conservatives. And while the right-wing hatred of HRC can be explained by the ceaseless conservative agitprop of the last 25 years, it would seem that their hatred of Barack Obama was baseless. After all Obama embodies many of the ideals and values conservatives claim to cherish, save for one "flaw" i.e. His unforgivable blackness.

And this gets to Trump's other core campaign promise; the concrete guarantee of an ethnically, racially, and morally unjust society.

And this is the terrible truth the Left must confront in the United States, race will always Trump class in American politics. Since the antebellum era, the Ruling elites sought out and implemented policies which divided the WWC from minorities. Of course, what many leftists seemingly fail to want to admit is it's time to give up on the WWC.

Because the modern Democratic Party didn't abandon the WWC, whites left the Democratic Party, first as a slow trickle under Nixon's Southern Strategy and then in a mass exodus for the Hollywood myth of Ronnie Raygun. Of course, the modern Democratic Party has been frantically wooing, cajoling, and reaching out to the WWC for the past 35 years but, it's time to tell the WWC they need to come to the left.

If the WWC doesn't recognize that minorities rights are their rights. If they can't understand that LGBTQ issues are their issues. If they refuse to understand #blacklivesmatters means their lives matter then why keep feeding into their white victimization syndrome? Why keep pampering their white resentment?

It's time the WWC recognize they've shackled themselves to a party which hates them, that the Republican Party bought them cheaply, and has no intention of ever helping them, but simply employs the WWC as goon squad, and ply them off with tawdry religiosity, shoddy bigotry, and promises of Apartheid Utopia.


Green Eagle said...

Well, when you are right, you are right. The Republican party has generated permanent moral damage in the white, particularly rural and suburban, working class. Except for one or two here and there, who may be peeled off and returned to a life of sanity, the rest are, I fear, lost forever in a fog of lies and self-delusion.

Too bad, but when pointing this out, we must also remind ourselves that Democratic leaders allowed this to happen by caving in to basically impotent threats from the right, and failing to stand up for reality and decency.

"The truth shall make you free." Unfortunately, we've gotten little enough of that from Democrats the last few decades, and here we are. The latest specimen: the Obama administration's idiotic statement yesterday that Obama believes Comey to be an honest man who was just put in an impossible situation by those clever Republicans, rather than what he really was, a vicious partisan hatchet man who used his position to try to destroy the Democratic Presidential candidate.

I actually believe we will get a little less of this sickening equivocation from Hillary, because she has been smeared by the Republicans so many times that she must have built up an absolutely colossal backlog of anger against them. But as soon as she wins (assuming they do not have more lies on tap for the next week) she may forget it all and decide like Obama to sacrifice herself on the cross of "playing nice" and expecting Republicans to do the same.

Tom Harper said...

Racism is definitely part of the WWC's undying obedience to the GOP. Racism in particular and bigotry and narrow-mindedness in general. Anyone who's religion is different, customs, mannerisms -- and the Hate buttons get pushed. If suppressing and persecuting minorities is more important than voting for their own economic self-interest, then the WWC rednecks get no sympathy from me.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Green Eagle, I can't imagine HRC is going to make nice. I can imagine her pretending to make amends while slipping the shiv into every Republican on every opportunity. And I have to dejectedly agree, their is permanent moral rot in the WWC. The Democratic Party shouldn't abandon them but, no more overture, just push progressive policies and accept those members (the one or two here and there as you point out) willing to join in, leave the rest to their bile and bitterness.

Tom Harper,

The greatest political success of the later 20th century was convincing WWC to cut their own throats for the delusion of white christian supremacy offered by the GOP.

Professor Chaos said...

Right wing white guys will always support the GOP as long as the GOP hates the same people they do.