Sunday, June 16, 2013

Snowden showed Booz Allen Hamilton's role in the Military-Industrial-Congressional-Complex

I'm so mad at President Obama for signing that Evil Patriot Act back in October 26, 2001 after he ignored the August 6th CIA Memo about Osama Bin Laden and allowed 9/11 to happen.
The more I reflect and read about Edward Snowden's revelations the more I want to be clear I have no desire to engage in a character assassination of him. Sure, he's got some short-comings and some sketchiness but, let's look at what his message contains.

The Obama's Department of Justice working inside the "legal" framework established by the FISA Courts, the Patriot Act, going back to Harry Truman and the 80th Congress' 1947 National Security Act felt entirely comfortable in going to multiple Internet/Phone Companies and pressuring them/serving them with Court Orders allowing the NSA to collect data.

Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook and others have stated (whether one believes it or not) that no direct access and no backdoor servers were created allowing the NSA et al unfettered access. Facebook Legal released a statement claiming that only 9000-10000 user-data requests were made by all levels (muncipial, county, state, federal) of Government pursiuant to about 20,000 FB accounts.

This is important to note because Glenn Greenwald's initial assertion was the NSA had direct access regardless of warrants or any other constraints. However, it's unimportant to the overall point of this post.

Now, if there is one thing Libertarians get correct it is that the Power of Government is different than other types of power. Facebook, Target Stores, Google Inc. may collect data on me but if I refuse their services I am free of their yoke*. The Government has the "legal" authority to collect information to detain or incarcerate me.

What makes Snowden's claims all the more troubling is that he wasn't a sworn Government employee but was working for Booz Allen Hamilton, a Corporation which made $1.3 Billion in Government contracts for "Intelligence Work. MotherJones has an analysis of the steady infestation of Private Contractors into the Intelligence Analysis side of the MIC.

It appears the data collection/analysis wasn't being done by nefarious Obama Bureaucrats looking for dirt on Teabaggers but, because of the Republican Legacy of Outsourcing and Privatization is being done by Corporate Stooges who work for the MIC.

The biggest Coup pulled off in US History has been the outsourcing of Government functions to Private Contractors. And those Corporate employees seem to have access to the information easier than Government Workers.

What's been going on for the last 33 years has been the steady erosion of the Progressive Advances of the 20th Century Government by the Reactionary Neoliberals and Warmongering Neoconservatives to be replaced by the Neo-Feudalist State controlled by the 1% and interested only in using Government Power in Quelling Domestic Dissent and Opening up Foreign Markets for Exploitation.


Suzan said...

Agree with your every word except "yolk."


Grung_e_Gene said...

*Well I certainly have it on my face now don't I Suzan??? ;)

Constitutional Insurgent said...

I'll have to ask around to determine of the Gov IO's are actually 'sworn' or not. But as an intelligence contractor, and possibly with the biases that come with it, I don't see a huge problem with contractors filling the billets....beyond perhaps the salary disparity. If these billets were immediately coded to government, the same people would fill the seats, with the same government oversight as before.

This issue is not only interesting, but hits I'm currently embedded [temporarily] in Hawaii, on a team made up mostly of Booze folks. You better believe that they're getting their does of CYA/reactionary security refresher training this week.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Well, I certainly was sworn while an active member of the Corps with a Security clearance.

and as a question: Do you think a Government official spying on Americans is Worse, the Same or a Less of an offense if a Private Contractor does the same act?

And for 60 years we've been funneling Trillions to this Beast. Do you think Congress would approve a budget which cut funding at all?

And if a debate about reducing DoD/Intel Apparatus spending was begun how long before the Propaganda "Media" Outlets drove their sheep into a frothing fury over the "weakening" of America?

Ha you were paling around with Snowden!!!

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Thankfully, I've never been up to the facility that Snowden worked at! I have a truckload of deniability.

All contractors sign the requisite NDAs that the GOV employees do. I'm not sure if it's really better or worse if compromises come from Gov or Contractors.