Thursday, June 27, 2013

Darrell Issa specifically directed Treasury Inspector General to ignore IRS targeting of Progressive Groups (More Lies from the Right-Wing Fart Bubble)

Republican Darrell Issa as the House Oversight Committee Chairman gave explicit instructions to the Inspector General in his IRS witch-hunt, "to narrowly focus on Tea Party organizations." The truth is the IRS investigated Liberal and Progressive Groups, while screening for words like "Occupy" or "Progressive".

However, recall Darrell Issa has previously stated, "this was a problem coordinated in all likelihood right out of Washington headquarters and we’re getting to proving it,” and "in fact the indication is they were directly being ordered from Washington."

So, Issa told the IG J. Russell George, a George W. Bush appointee, to manufacture evidence and after receiving testimonies from IRS officials, Issa selectively edited and released partial transcripts in a blatant attempt to create the impression that Conservative groups were specifically and singularly targeted by the IRS because of their political leanings.

So, we have Republicans telling a Republican appointee to craft a false report and then Republicans releasing out-of-context quotes. Once again we have Republican Bullshit and Right-Wing Lies designed to cause outrage in the Right-Wing Fart Bubble to be used towards Impeaching President Obama.

There are several crimes and multiple levels of deceit going on here. The immediate crime is that Darrell Issa explicitly ordered exculpatory evidence be ignored. Hiding or ignoring Exculpatory evidence is a serious offense.

If it be proved that a States Attorney's or Police Officer destroys or ignores evidence which may serve to exonerate a defendant he's going to jail. So Speaker John Boehner "Who's going to jail for this?"

Which of the Republicans who deliberately mislead the American People and released falsified evidence is going to jail?

But, beyond these crimes of House Republicans, in a mid-range tactical sense the IRS has been weakened in going after Tax Cheating Organizations which improperly use 501(c)(3) or (c)(4) designations to engage in Partisan Politics.

But, the long term strategic deceit is the Republicans shifting of the country's Tax Burden onto the Middle Class.

Republicans (and Pro-Business Democrats) are doing this for several reasons. By shifting the burden the Middle Class is slowly being ground into dust and eliminated. Currently, Middle Class voters are too unpredictable. But by grinding the Middle Class down to just above poverty and then blaming it on Illegal Immigrants and King Crab Eating Minorities Republicans seek to torture Americans into becoming conservative.

Darrell Issa and Republicans have no problem sticking the U.S. Taxpayer with a $2,000,000 yearly bill for their morning coffee.

But the overarching goal is to accelerate Income Inequality in this Country wherein there is no Middle Class anymore but only the Ultra-Wealthy, Ultra-Powerful 1% who rule this country as a Neo-Feudalist State of Corporate Lords and Wage Slaves.


Jerry Critter said...

" So Speaker John Boehner "Who's going to jail for this?""

LOL!!! Since when do politicians go to jail for anything?

Grung_e_Gene said...

Boehner asked the question on May 15th when the RepubliCONs were claiming this was Obama and his New Black Panther Party Thugs targeting of innocent little Tea Party Patriots.

Instead the truth is the IRS was doing it's job of investigating groups who probably were improperly applying for 501(c)(3/4) status.

And the Groups abusing the status were the Multi-Billion Dollar Tax Dodging Organizations Crossroads GPS and Freedomworks, more fronts for Billionaires to launder money.

Sarge said...

It is a McCarthy era witch hunt by Issa. The fact is - the old and younger white men on the Hill have never gotten over the fact that the nigger won the last two elections by large margins and his black ass is sleeping in their White House.
I wonder, what will happen when America elects a woman, a Hispanic,
or a homosexual?

new blog:

Excellent post!

Carry on.


Syrbal/Labrys said...

Sarge --- is it too much to hope that they could all stroke out while invoking the name of Paul Deen as their angel of the kitchen --- a woman who knows her place and agrees with their hatreds?

Grung_e_Gene said...

Sarge and Syrbal/Labrys,

What really was exasperating about the IRS non-scandal was the way President Obama immediately responded and good liberal Jon Stewart jumped into the Right-Wing Fart Bubble believing and advancing the False Conservative Narrative.

This was NOT anything the Conservatives claimed it was!

Again like ACORN, Shirley Sherrod, Van Jones, this was a false narrative advanced by liars on the right looking to undermine Obama, destroy credibility in his administration and claim scalps.

And once again liberals fell all over themselves aided by the breathless complaints of the "Liberal" Media in declaring this Scandalmania to soothe the poutraged feelings of Right-Wing Liars.

Green Eagle said...

This is not just a corrupt act- it is an attack on the integrity and viability of the Federal Government. And yet not one Democrat will stand and demand that this subversive criminal suffer any consequences for his behavior.

This has been the cowardly stance of the Democrats in Washington since Reagan, and until they show some integrity on issues like this, why should we expect the pack of thugs that passes for the Republican party to do anything different?

Grung_e_Gene said...

Green Eagle,

I do think most Democrats are spineless or ensnared by the Corporate Hegemony but Elijah Cummings, Joe Crowley, and Sander Levin are correctly calling this a witch-hunt with manufactured lies presented as proof.

But, it doesn't matter to Conservatives who have spawned a new fart into their bubble that of the groups investigated since 6 had "progress" or "progressive" the other 292 must therefore be 'Tea Party'.

Logical Fallacies are the only logic right-wingers use.

ChickenHammer said...

We've got a number of top IRS officials pleading the 5th when questioned by congress over targeting conservative groups. We've got new sources saying conservative groups were targeted by a ratio of 197:13 compared with progressive groups. We've got IRS officials put on indefinite paid vacation to keep their mouths shut. Nah.. couldn't be any sort of cover up by the current administration.

And a question for Grung_e_Gene; what the heck is a "fart bubble"?

Grung_e_Gene said...

Chicken Hammer,

The Right-Wing Fart Bubble is a magical land. A Conservative Star, like Erick Erickson, Drudge,, someone on Faux News, or NRO will create a false story; which right-wing bloggers, and conservatives link to, others then read/link to that secondary link. Others then link to those and so on.

It's called incestous amplification and it allows Right-Wingers to believe their own propoganda.

Now let's look at these numbers which have already been discussed as going through the Right-wing Fart Bubble and how you lie with your comment.

You mention the words "Conservative" and "progressive" and the numbers 197:13.

Those were the search terms. So lie #1.

Before 2010, how many Tea Party groups existed? And how many of them applied for 501(c)3 or (c)4 status. The answer is ZERO.

So that when a huge deluge of groups which engage in Partisan Politics apply for a tax status which can only go to groups who don't engage in politics that's a huge Right-Wing misrepresentation. So Lie #2.

Groups which had the words "Occupy" and "Medical Marijuana" were also screened. But the number you cite (13) only refers to those with "progress" or "progressive" So Lie #3.

the number 197 is totally made up. If you want to compare. So Lie #4.

Pleading the 5th Amendment is not a Fucking Crime. Not a Lie I'll admit but a huge Conservative Hypocrisy since the Bill of Rights doesn't begin and end with the 2A.

Here is a link to a TalkingPointsMemo story.

Sarge said...

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