Friday, April 12, 2013

Conservatives still love to Order Black People around

An oft repeated refrain of Racist Republicans and Right-Wingers is that, properly understood, Democrats are the Real Racists.

Senator Rand Paul is the current rising conservative star and in order to burnish himself Paul gave a speech to Howard University in the continued Republican outreach to minorities and to cover-up for the fact he loves Discrimination and is against the Civil Right Act of 1964.

During his speech, Rand Paul argued that the Republican Party of the 21st century is the same as the 19th century, "The argument I’m trying to make is we haven’t changed." Of course, Senator Paul couldn't name the first African-American elected to the Senate. The crowd at Howard University educated him.

Paul cited evil racist behavior of Democrats from the 1860's and 1890's as evidence and was surprised by the level of knowledge possessed by the Howard students. Of course, when it comes to contemporary references, the best conservatives can come up with is to have Sean Hannity trot out a black woman on Faux News to say bizarre statements like President Obama has a war on black people.

What is actually occurring is outreach towards the pround white bigots of the Modern Republican Party. Who watches Sean Hannity's show? Who absorbs and believes President Obama is the real racist?

Right-Wingers are Reactionary, in all senses of the word. As racism has grown increasingly unacceptable in American society right-wingers have resorted to many efforts to cover-up their rampant bigotry.

An early attempt used by conservatives was the ubiquitous preface, 'Some of my best friends are ...' said just before something racist. Next came the current conservative favorite, the claim that pointing out their racism is the true racism.

Now, the current phony outreach effort is aimed at showing their base, 'See we made an effort to educate and lead those people and they still rebuke us.' So revel in your racism right-wingers you have the righteous right too.

It's easy to see what is driving this effort. Republicans really see no problem in telling blacks and other minorities that they are drawing the wrong conclusions from their life-experiences. That they don't grasp the awesome objective truth of conservative revelation.

And conservatives are perplexed when black people get upset at being spoken to as though they are children. As though they are so dumb or child-like as to not be able to draw the proper conclusions.

When Herman Cain said "If you're poor blame yourself," the whiter-than-white conservative audience which has been raised on Right-Wing lies of welfare queens, Willie Horton and the Faux News Crusade against the New Black Panther Party gobbled it up.

Just like at CPAC 2013, conservatives believe Slavery was good for Black People and current conservative principles of wage slavery and neo-feudalism are good for them, too. 

If Condoleezza Rice states she will be a lifetime Republican because in 1952 Southern Democrats would not help her father register to vote but Republicans would, good for her.

If Clarence Thomas is still bitter at the treatment he received at Yale Law School and from by the White establishment Law Firms who viewed his Diploma as being the product of affirmative action and it has driven him to be a Reactionary I Got Mine Right-Winger that's his choice.

Now here's the differenece. I, as a white Liberal, am not going to tell any black person what their experience means to them but lily-livered punk ass bitch Republicans and Racist Right-Wingers are still telling Black People what's what.

That is some true racist shit.


Leslie Parsley said...

Rand Paul is so pathetically stupid he has to wear loafers because he wouldn't be able to tie shoe laces.

Some rebranding, huh.

Jerry Critter said...

Republicans like to order everyone around.

Sarge said...

Ron Paul's blood runs through Rand Paul's veins...


toma said...

Republicans are well-loved in the South because the region is a hotbed of brotherly love. Also, they've got tall trees and strong ropes.

Syrbal/Labrys said...

Lincoln wouldn't recognize his party these days. 'Course, lol, neither would some of the fire-breathing, sheet-wearing Southern Democrats of old.

Sadly, both sides care more about the bank balance of anyone talking to them than they do the skin color.

ChickenHammer said...

Republicans in Mississippi sent the first two African-American senators to the United States Senate. Republican Hiram Revels was elected to the US Senate in 1870 and Republican Blanche Bruce in 1875; both African-American Senators were elected to the US Senate prior to ratification of the 17th Amendment in 1913.

It's not a huge shock that Senator Paul was caught off guard as most people find it hard to believe that a deep South state like Mississippi sent the first TWO African American senators to the US Senate. It's also a shock to most people how the 17th Amendment screwed up the best Representative Republic the world had ever known.

Another tidbit regarding the 17th Amandment; it took more than half a century after it's radification before another African-American (Republican Edward Brooke) was elected to the US Senate in 1967.

The deep South sent the first (and second) African Americans to the United States Senate; not the mighty white North.