Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Don't all these Negligent Discharges, Gun Homicides, and Kidnappings make you feel safer?

Since the NRA endorsed Newton CT Massacre 1600* Americans have been slaughtered by Guns. It's unclear at this time if any of the dead were listed among the 506 organizations, public officals, celebrities and American citizens on the NRA's "Enemies List".
"The NRA is now revealed as an insane organization," Paul Krugman.
I disagree Paul. The NRA isn't insane, they simply have no compunctions or scruples about keeping the spigot of money flowing to the Firearms Industry and rivers of innocent blood flowing in the streets.

So, stories like the 4 people shot, with 3 killed (2 of them children) in Denver today won't dissuade Wayne LaPierre from his Holey Mission.

Nor will any of these recent events:
  • In Eugene, Oregon, a totally responsible Open Carry Gun Nut negligently popped off a round, while his piece was strapped in his leg holster, and shot himself at an Internet cafe.
  • A Conservative Domestic Terrorist, Jimmy Lee Dykes murdered a bus driver and kidnapped a 6 year old, holding the boy hostage for 8 days in his underground bunker, until a breach and entry killed Dykes.  
  • Chris Kyle, a former Navy SEAL known for claiming a record number of sniper killings in Iraq was one of two men shot dead at a Texas gun range, allegedly at the hands of a fellow military veteran, officials say. Kyle, the author of the best-selling American Sniper, and Chad Littlefield, also a veteran, were gunned down Saturday afternoon on the grounds of the expansive Rough Creek Lodge and Resort in Glen Rose, Texas, southwest of Fort Worth, law enforcement officials said.
  • The unnamed "security officer" hired to protect students, who negligently left his gun unattended in a Lapeer County, Michigan charter school student restroom "for a few moments", will not lose his job keeping children "safe".
  • In Calveras County California, former airline captain Philip Marshall, 54, killed his son Alex, 17, and daughter Macaila, 14, each with a single bullet to the head, as they slept under blankets on the living room couch. He then pointed the gun at his head and committed suicide.
  • A Cleburne, Texas man who negligently shot his daughter Feb 1st, while cleaning and loading his gun, will not face charges.
Do any of these incidents make you feel safer?

Conservative Domestic Terrorists have hopped on the NRA band-wagon that Obama and his children are out-of-touch elitists for having armed security, the Secret Service, around them 24/7 and demand that every red-blooded American be afforded the same rights. (Although Wayne LaPierre is, of course, not an out-of-touch elitist for having armed security.)

And I agree. In order to purchase firearms, every American must go through the same background investigation, psychological examinations, and weapons-handling training that the Secret Service goes through. Any flags which would disqualify one from being an Secret Service Agent will disqualify the person from owning guns.

In 2010, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2,694 children and teens in the United States died because of a firearm. Another 15,578 children and teens were injured.

We are not a Free Nation. We, the People are being held hostage to the whims of murderous right-wing terrorists and criminal gangs. The massive influx of firearms into society did not make us safer. It hasn't even presented the illusion of safety.


Sarge said...

I have beat the drum as hard as I can on this issue.
What can you hunt with a Bushmaster M-16 or a Glock 19 with a banana clip?


the yellow fringe said...

The nearly 16,000 children injured by gun fire should be told their stopping a bullet is part of our freedom. Kids in Japan, Canada, Western Europe hardly ever get the opportunity they had. Even Mexico falls short with their feeble drug war. Only Syria seems to have more to offer.

Grung_e_Gene said...


"What can you hunt?" Why the Most Dangerous Game of all... Man.

the yellow fringe,

Yes, I do believe American children should be thanking the Nation for being taught valuable lessons about freedom. Ted Nugent and David Barton can teach children to Vote with a Bullet.

Bustednuckles said...

Care to put irresponsible police departments on your list?

Grung_e_Gene said...


This is by no means an exhaustive list. I'm just reading the LAPD story having visited your blog and hearing the news about this "asymmetrical warfare" claim.

But, do more guns make us safer? And this is not a satirical question: What do you think?

Bustednuckles said...

No, more guns do not make anyone safer.
Gun safety education is very important. I'm not saying it should be mandatory but if someone thinks they are responsible enough to own a gun then not getting some safety education points to their irresponsibility.

The article points to the fact that even responsible gun toting police officers are human and that self defense instinct and adrenaline can make for bad decisions.
Like I said, shoot first, ask questions later.

I just don't believe that there should be a double standard when it comes to having access to the same technology these very human police officers have or the nearest psycopathic drug fueled mad man has.

Grung_e_Gene said...


There is no excise for that shooting. If you can not identify your target then shooting it goes beyond negligent and becomes a criminal matter.

Look at what the Gun Crazies are doing. There is a concerted effort by the insane gun huggers to harass and threaten the victims and witnesses of Aurora, Co and Newton, Ct.

In a court filing dated Tuesday, Brauchler said some victims have been subjected to “relentless contacts by proponents of purported ‘conspiracies.’”

He also said maps with the addresses and phone numbers of victims have been posted online, and some people allegedly impersonating victims and witnesses have filed court motions in the case.

So, I fear all the efforts will be for naught until we address and make liable the manufacturers of these weapons. Until they exercise some self-control and ensure their product isn't landing in the hands of madmen and murderers than they'll simply keep flooding us with more and more weapons.

toma said...

My Dad lived just outside Calaveras County. So I can tell you with some confidence that the murderous Phillip Marshall was either a far right-winger, or perhaps a crazy way-out right-winger. Those are the choices up in Calaveras.