Monday, January 4, 2010

Cuneo Estates (Vernon Hills, IL) donated to The Church

'Cause now when christians sit with Pagans, only pumpkin pies are burning - Dar Williams, The Christians and The Pagans
The War on Christmas Continues...

In 2009, christianity suffered so much that even Rick Warren had to beg for money, most likely because jesus was going to descend and kill him if he didn't get a quick influx of cash. However, with everyone caught in Rick Warren's shameless use of Religion to make himself wealthy an under reported story from Vernon Hills, IL (just North of the City) finds the poor poor church being persecuted. From the Chicago Tribune:
When the Rev. Michael Garanzini, Loyola University Chicago's president, needed $15 million for a new classroom building, he turned to John Cuneo Jr., the Lake County businessman whose prominent family had a history of supporting the Catholic university.

Cuneo had something grander in mind. He suggested giving the university the historic Cuneo Museum and Gardens in Vernon Hills, including the mansion's art and furnishings, an adjacent 50 acres, and funds for upkeep of the property. The gift from Cuneo, his wife, Herta, and the Cuneo Foundation, estimated at about $50 million, is the largest in the school's history.
The Church wanted $15 million but got an estate deeded to them worth $50 million. But, the christians in this land have convinced themselves they are under attack and suffering biblical (ha ha) persecution.

Anyone recall when a Secular Humanist Organization was granted an estate worth millions?

But, christianity in America is under siege. Many false christians in this country use the less skeptical piety of their fellow believers to advance themselves and their personal beliefs. Trumpeting the way by lying and peals of false piety is Fox News with nightly segments designed to hijack religion for their use.

The Punk Ass Bitch Republicans and their Fox News cheerleaders co-opted christianity to use it as a wedge. Because the entire REMFpublican platform is to convince their vegetative supporters that even though the Republican Party hates America, wants to destroy the Constitution, prays for successful Terrorist Attacks and uses the deaths of Americans to advance and enrich themselves all Fox has to say is so and so Republican is a christian.


Bill in Niantic said...

I’m not sure how I got so heavy into all of this political blogging, but I've really had it with asshole like you..

Sweet. Mother. Of. God. I’m tired of fighting with halfwits. .

Yes, we agree that Obama is a lying, anti-American, narcissistic, sack of poop. Check!

We got it.

Yes, America is under attack. Two in less than one year on our soil, many American fatalities on Afghan soil. More to come. Scarey time to be alive. Check!

We got it.

Yes, we agree that the lefties are the most frustrating rock-heads on the planet. Check!

We got that too.

I feel like I am personally under attack with all the leftie movies that’s spreading across the country’s theaters like a bad rash. The Blind Side, Invictus, Avatar, Book of Eli, Robin Hood!! I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Ok Bill in Niantic, wrong post, at least have the wherewithal to post on the correct entry but Vegetative Republican Supporters aren't known for their resources these days.

So as to your Check, in Chess a check is a move wherein you threaten the king of the opposing player. Much like today were bigoted birtherites constantly threaten Obama.

You'd like to eliminate him but lack the finishing move and as an opponent I can move out of your multiple checks and counter you with a:

CHECKMATE; It's called 9/11.

That finishes the discussion "with asshole like you".