Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mark Sanford, Republican Scum

"You're a lying member of a no good race." ~ Sean Connery's tough Chicago Street Cop Malone from The Untouchables
Ah the Republicans, you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. Sanford's actions are part and parcel of the lying, cheating, hypocritical cowardly Chicken Hawk Pro Human Pain and Suffering Party of Deferments.

The ridiculous hypocrisy is the most galling component. And when a Cowardly Republican Liar (like John Ensign) is caught in an affair his being caught is somehow cause for his championing (read the ignorant and nauseating Kathyrn Jean Lopez Ensigns Road to Redemption as an example), especially if he talks up protecting marriage and chastises others for the "sin" of infidelity. Evil Liberals must be pilloried.

For example here is the moronic moral coward Sean Hannity declaring how lying, cheating, hypocritical cowardly Chicken Hawk Pro Human Pain and Suffering Party of Deferments Republican John Ensign reminds him of a liberal democrat. Hail to Media Matters!

But it's Sean's job to lie to the Fox news watchers. And it's Fox's job to label all disgraced Republicans as... Democrats (From Crooks and Liars).

Of course, as long as everything is consensual and with age limits, I don't care with whom Sanford (or anyone) has relations, but the hypocritical sanctimonious scumbag unfaithful Newt Gingrich Republican Party of Chicken Hawks have duped their ignorant supporters into voting for a group of cowards who want the American people to work themselves to death. Who fight to obliterate Unions, Social Security, Healthcare, Restrictions on Pollution and work to destroy all the hard won progressive achievements and force Americans to fight with workers in Nigeria and Laos over wages which would roll back the standard of living for Americans to the bronze age.

The goal of the Republican Party is to make sure most Americans die young having worked themselves to death in War or Industry supporting and advancing the Party.

They don't get it. She Who Shall Not Be Named 2 does not understand. She labels Sanford a Bastard. The Redstaters petulantly demand You Do Not Get To Judge. Why because the Right Wing Extremist Moral Morons hate people. They are the Righteous Ones! They deem who is worthy and who is not. And this is the problem they are demonizing Sanford for sex. Sanford's crime is not sex it is the same as the Republicans and their toxic followers the hating and devaluing of people.

The great Bertrand Russell laid bare the Toxic Rights' irrational hatred of humanity and demonization of human nature in his essay Our Sexual Ethics.

Update 2:
Ha ha, Erick Erickson, of the site RedState which angrily declared to Democrats on June 24thWe Police Our Own and You Do Not Get To Judge, sent emails to Sanford on June 23rd hoping to help cover up the affair. According to uncovered emails Erickson related the following: “I wasn’t trying to be a reporter. I wanted to curtail the story.” Republicans are so Sucktastic!

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Lisa said...

I like "hive of villainy" -- well-said.