Friday, March 6, 2009

Gonna Go Galt

"It seems to me that one of the predictors of a happy versus an unhappy outcome, has to do with the role of the elite or the decision makers or the politicians, or the rich people within the society. If the society is structured so that the decision makers themselves suffer from the consequences of their decisions, then they are motivated to make decisions that are good for the whole of society. If the decision makers can make decisions that insulate themselves from the rest of society then they are likely to make decisions that are bad for the rest of society." - Jared Diamond, Interview with PBS 02/12/2009.

All the people talking about "Going Galt" do just that they talk, pout and throw tantrums but they never, ever leave. So, ruck up and leave already. Go... Go... Go... However, remember to bring some long underwear when you make your "Capitalist" Wunderland in the Colorado Rockies, because none of you has the comic book abilities of a John Galt.

None of those threatening to leave are the mythical supermen producers of Atlas Shrugged they are the parasites. The bankers, the high priced lawyers, the lobbyists, the brokers, the bureacrats, the Jim Cramer short-selling paper shufflers, who demanded deregulation in order to bilk trillions out of the US and then when everything crumbled wanted a bailout.

And society won't miss your sorry ass. The niches you currently exploit will quickly, readily and easily be exploited by someone else.

Of course the parasitic plutocrats never leave because it's a hollow threat, a childish temper tantrum in order to get more billions from the government. So go on and hold your breath until you get your way because we all know you wouldn't last a month away from civilization.

Update 03/12/09
John Amato at Crooks and Liars highlights Stephen Colbert's Galt Exodus.

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Buffy said...

Every time I see one of those threats I think, "Please, do it". Sadly they never follow through and I imagine they never will. They're like the five-year-old who tantrums and threatens to run away in an attempt to get his parents to plead with him to not do so. They're full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.