Thursday, November 20, 2008

The BBC Deux

I can't wait to read Obama's new biography The Audacity of Hope 2: Devilish America Haters (TAH-DAH). Here is a short excerpt:
I always knew it was my goal in life to destroy America. I first learned of my desitny from my biological father Malcolm X. My training was begun in Indonesia, where I was born to darkness. I learned my teachings in islamo-marxist dictatorship. And I knew one day, I, B. Saddam Hussein Obama Bin Laden, would be able to bring about the Endtimes.

Everyone knows Obama is not an American. Everyone knows Obama plans to make a deal with Iran to destroy Israel. Everyone knows his plans for the Jewish people since Bill Cunningham proved Obama wants to "Gas the Jews". Everyone knows Obama is a young black Hitler. Everyone knows Obama is a muslim.

But, the evil Obama Media is determined to destroy the Real America and ignore all these truths and even great reporters like Glenn Beck have been taken in. Beck, amazingly doesn't realize Obama's election is a coup for Al Qaeda in his new column were he is duped into claiming Obama’s Election Changes Nothing for Al Qaeda. This is a terrible mistake by Beck! Roasryfilms rightly remarked Obama doesn't understand True religion because "Christ would never advocate turning the other cheek".

Scion of sanity Alan Keyes has joined in the Natural Born lawsuit case against Obama. A hearing is scheduled for the U.S. Supreme Court on 12/05/08.

The Toxic Commentary of these "rhetoricians" is akin to mercury poisoning. Once their spew touches you it never leaves your system. The Obama is Muslim meme continues to this day. And it's not hard to see why. It has power. Power to terrify. Power to control.

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