Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Bailout was supposed to be the Troubled Asset Relief Program

but Fuck you! That money belongs to the banks now. Thanks for the check suckers bitches slaves.

The plan was initially to buy bad assets from banks, but Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson said Wednesday that the rescue package won't purchase those troubled assets. That plan would have taken too much time, he said, so instead the Treasury will rely on buying stakes in banks and encouraging them to resume more normal lending.

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson on Wednesday backed away from the government's plan to use $700 billion in bailout funds to buy troubled mortgage assets and instead called for a fresh injection of cash to financial institutions."Our assessment at this time is that this is not the most effective way to use TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program ) funds," Paulson said.

"I will never apologize," Feudal Lord of the Exchequer Henry Paulson declared to the obediant serfs, "for changing an approach or strategy when the facts change. I think the apologies should come the other way." That's right when you question him, you should apologize.

Once they got the money your Plutocratic Overlords decided to change what they wanted to do with it. Oh and fuck you if you question your betters.

Oh but we have to worry about Obama's Coming Socialism!

What a fucking joke.

America is a Corporate Welfare State. Always has been, Always will be. And why because the Corporate Feudal Kleptocratic Plutocrats have so indoctrinated people into believing there is a difference (on the macro level) between parties or have successfully diverted your attention on things like Gaaaaaays Gettin' Married! Oh no not Marriage! The Horror!

What we've had fully revealed in the last 8 years and semi-covertly for the 20 years prior to that is The Piss on You government which relishes in the fact it start wars whenever it wishes, it can appropriate Trillions of dollars whenever it wishes and it controls you often with your meek and sometimes with your tacit approval.

I forgot to add... From a Boston Globe article:
A senior Pentagon advisory group, in a series of bluntly worded briefings, is warning President-elect Barack Obama that the Defense Department's current budget is "not sustainable," and he must scale back or eliminate some of the military's most prized weapons programs.

The briefings were prepared by the Defense Business Board, an internal management oversight body.

I'm sure the ObamaisHitler people would use this as evidence on how Radical Socialist islamo-marxists err, I mean Democrats hate the military and want us to lose the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Oh and Obama personally caused the unemployment rate to hit a 14 year high, 6.5%.

Mark Epstein delves deep into ObamisHitler rhetoric.

Mr. Epstein writes: We begin the confrontation with an articulate apologia but, if necessary, we extend no quarter to those who would support leaders who will take our country into a Nazi-style tyranny.

Those who reject God and His role in our society are enemies of the American people, the US Constitution, and our republic. If there is to be a litmus test for political office and political ideology, then Americans must reject anything and everything political or “rights” oriented that fails to incorporate biblical principles.

The Founding Fathers wrote: but no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States. Article VI of the US Constitution.

I'll go with the DWEMs.

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