Thursday, October 16, 2008

If you think War is Good for the Economy

then you obviously believe that Theft and Criminal Damage are good for the economy as well.

Think about what a good boost to the economy someone breaking your car windshield and setting off a fire extingusiher inside you car does.

First you have to clean your car, this requires the use of cleaners and towels, plus maybe a vacuum so you'll need to pay for those supplies which keeps Americans working in production, transport and sales of those items.

Next you drive your car to get a new windshield this requires the use of fuel a boost for American oil companies. Then there's the labor required to put the new windshield into your car by the mechanic and you have to pay the cashier.

And unlike War which results in destruction overseas, when iPod's and jewelry are stolen and cars, homes, street signs and parks are vandalized it's happening right here! Americans get the added benefit of getting the latest updated equipment and newest infrastructure.

If one wishes to be logical with the continued pace of advancement in concrete techniques, fiber optic wiring, power cables, building materials and manufacturing techniques Americans should demand the US Government destroy everything (highways, bridges, homes, Wal Marts) in the United States using half of our munitions and rebuild it all in order for We the People to enjoy a technologically updated society.

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