Sunday, October 5, 2008

Bush Stopped US SOCOM from Killing Bin Laden

60 Minutes had on the Delta Force Commander Dalton Fury tasked with killing Osama Bin Laden. During the interview, the nome de guerred Fury stated how those above him declined to allow the Operators to enter and execute their mission.
Delta developed an audacious plan to come at bin Laden from the one direction he would never expect.

"We want to come in on the back door," Fury explains. "The original plan that we sent up through our higher headquarters, Delta Force wants to come in over the mountain with oxygen, coming from the Pakistan side, over the mountains and come in and get a drop on bin Laden from behind."

But they didn't take that route, because Fury says they didn't get approval from a higher level. "Whether that was Central Command all the way up to the president of the United States, I'm not sure," he says.

The next option that Delta wanted to employ was to drop hundreds of landmines in the mountain passes that led to Pakistan, which was bin Laden’s escape route.

But they didn't do that either, because Fury says that plan was also disapproved. He says he has "no idea" why.

"How often does Delta come up with a tactical plan that's disapproved by higher headquarters?" Pelley asks.

"In my experience, in my five years at Delta, never before," Fury says.

Can we now see the The Path From 9/11 ABC miniseries inserting "extrapolated" dialouge into the mouths of Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld?

Cheney, "I don't want Bin Laden killed he's too important as a symbol! We need to step up the war and invade Iraq on a flimsy connection between Bin Laden and Saddam! If you try and kill Osama Bin Laden I'll shoot you in the Face!"

Rumsfeld, "Oh Goodness Gracious if Bin Laden were to be killed I'd be stopped from completing my transformation of the military!"

Bush, "I'm the Decider!* And I've decided the Bin Laden family and the Bush family are too closely connected to allow something like 9/11 end our relationship. This is Bush's War!"

And just so, Chickenhawk Warmongers can't claim Dalton Fury is trying to capitalize upon his revelation about Bush and Cheney letting Bin Laden escape with his book Kill Bin Laden,
Fury says he'll donate his profits from the book to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

*- this was actually spoken by Ole Tipse Canoe.

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