Friday, July 27, 2007


Well, a blog called Win-The-War has been garnering much of my attention lately. The writer of said blog is very much interested in winning the war. Unfortunately, he does not react very well to being asked if he will consider joining the Super Important Generational War on Terror.

Asking the 'do you plan to enlist' question is sure to get one banned from his site, consequently I am now banned. However, prior to my banning I also asked several other questions which I believed were salient to his quest.

These questions ranged from tactical scenarios to overall strategic goals:
Do you feel the 500 billion spent in Iraq has been well allocated? What about the other 2.5 TRILLION spent by the DoD in the last 6 years? Could this money have been better spent?

Do you feel agencies such as Blackwater, Triple Canopy, and DynCorp add to the security of Americans in Iraq or hinder them? Do you feel it is proper for men working for those agencies to make 150K to 180K during their deployment while a US soldier makes 1/5th to 1/6th that

Do you feel the spending of that money on Los Angeles class attack subs and DDG Destroyers is the best way to fight the generational War on Terror?

Do you feel increasing airstrikes "In the first 4 1/2 months of 2007, American aircraft dropped 237 bombs and missiles in support of ground forces in Iraq, already surpassing the 229 expended in all of 2006, according to Air Force figures obtained by The Associated Press," is going to gain us allies amongst the Iraqi populace?

Do you think it is fair that marines and soldiers should have multiple deployments into Iraq? Is this just the price of serving one's country?

Do you think military operations can eliminate guerrilla presence in the next 2 years in Iraq? If yes to this one, what historical guerrilla war do you base this upon? The Boer War, the Malaysia Insurrection, the Spanish Guerrilla War against Napoleon, the war in Sri Lanka, The Philippine Insurrection, Vietnam?

To whom does the decision to leave Iraq rest? The President, Congress, the American People, none of the above?

I don't expect any real replies to my queries. Mr Win-The-War, like so many others, is not interested in the truth of war. And like so many others all he can do is rage and shout, "We must defeat the Terrorists!" but never at the risk to themselves or their family members or the reducing of their own base desires.

And that is the real sorrow, so many are unwilling to think and are unwilling to face the consequences of their decisions and instead allow the Glorious Leadership to do their thinking for them. And when Bush proclaims the latest banal platitude, The Warmongers intone it as their latest mantra...


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