Thursday, August 11, 2016

President Huma Abedin will run the White House for the incapacitated HRC

The right-wing epistemically closed fart bubble internet is all a tizzy with solid unassailable proof that HRC has suffered multiple-strokes, has a traumatic brain injury, and is suffering grand mal seizures.

Now, anytime a conservative on-line posts anything, I would counsel skepticism since their posts are just a circle-jerk of incestuous cross-linking to each other. But, they have photos and Doctor's reports!!!

This amateur level forgery can't even pass a cursory inspection over the internet but, conservatives have perfected the art of lies and propaganda. Conservatives know by spraying their explosive diarrhea of lies, no matter how fast or how thoroughly they are debunked, enough right-wingers and inattentive Americans will unconsciously absorb them and reference them when a new scurrilous right-wing lie is promoted breathlessly. It's part of the Gish Gallop, tell as many lies as quickly as possible.

I wonder when their final break with reality occurred? When the final acceptance of lies, hallucinations, and delusional fever dreams took over conservatism? We can all place the dates of the spread of the infection; the 1950's John Birch Society, 1964 with Barry Goldwater's defense of lying, 1980 with Ronnie Raygun's terrorist regime, Newt Gingrich and the 1994 Republican Contract on America, the 5-4 theft of the 2000 Election from President Gore. But, I think the attacks on September 11 and the Debacle in Iraq and Afghanistan under the Republican controlled federal government pushed the right-wing nutjobs past critical mass and the 2008 election of President Barack Obama was the event horizon from which conservatives can never re-emerge.

Of course, this doesn't mean conservatives or elected Republicans will stop harming the Nation, Americans, or other peoples. In fact, knowing they've passed-the-point of no return has only emboldened conservatives to harm Americans as much and as frequently as possible.

We've seen Republicans in Flint, Michigan purposefully poison poor blacks knowing they would receive no pushback and would in fact be lauded by conservatives, who uniformly wish ill on the black community.

We've seen Republicans enact Religious Bigotry Laws to justify ostracizing and criminalizing oppressed Americans for the crime of being different.

We've witnessed Conservatives embrace White Power and prop up White Supremacy as one of the core values of the Republican Party.

But, the vitriol HRC illicits from Right-Wingers is a class unto itself. For 25 years they've spent countless hours, and penned millions of right-wing screeds demonizing this woman, spent millions pursuing fictitious scandals, and accused her of multiple murders, so that is why I'm voting for her. If conservatives, the enemy of mankind, the scum of the earth, and the villians of goodness and deceny, hate her; then she's the one I'm voting for President.

To add, conservatives are convinced Barack Obama stole the 2008 election with the help of Acorn and the 2012 elections with Skewed Polls, when Trump is destroyed and loses in 2016 what will they do? Already Hair Furor is setting the table by claiming the election to be rigged and his recent Assassination Tango was for a scenario when HRC had already beaten him and was picking SCOTUS Judges. So, when reality fails to comport with their active ignorance and violent stupidity how will right-wingers react?


Infidel753 said...

spraying their explosive diarrhea of lies

Gotta love your spirited use of metaphor here.

There is groundwork being laid for a Dolchsto├člegende after Trump's defeat in November, but a lot of the, er, spraying of blame will be internecine. Looking at wingnut sites, some are still doggedly unskewing polls, but others have begun to accept the inevitability of defeat. Among these, the Trumpanzees are blaming the NeverTrumpers because they won't vote for him, while the NeverTrumpers are blaming the Trumpanzees for nominating such an awful candidate in the first place. Add in the growing numbers of prominent Republicans denouncing him as unfit or, today, calling for the RNC to cut off his funding and direct it to Congressional races instead, I'm hoping that after November they'll be too busy snarling and clawing at each other to attack us, at least for a while.

They are certainly putting on a hell of a show. Remember the old days when Dan Quayle was the most clueless Republican around? He'd look like Pericles compared with what they're giving us now.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Rawstory has the initial scoop on Quack Jane Orient who has adroitly used photos and video clips to diagnosis HRC. It's fascinating how skilled so many right-wingers have become at making detailed medical diagnoses via TV! I'm worried such gifts are being wasted on NewsMax TV and Breitbart.

The Prophet Dervish Z Sanders said...

Trump's doctor's report indicated that Trump may have tested positive for colon polyps. The Doctor, Harold Bornstein (a gastroenterologist) wrote that Trump's medical examination "showed only positive results" (source). Perhaps the doctor didn't go into details (re the "positive results") because he found inflammatory polyps, which can be "associated with inflammatory conditions such as Ulcerative Colitis and Crohns disease" (Source). I mean, if I were to speculate wildly as Orient seems to be doing (although I have no quack medical training. Or medical training of any kind).