Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Governor Bruce Rauner's Turn Around and Screw Working Class Illinois Residents Agenda

Illinois is now facing the prospect of having gone an entire year without a proper state budget as Bruce Rauner (Ruiner) continues his efforts to subjugate and enslave Illinois workers.

For the last week, vehicle emissions test facilities have had lines backed up for milesWell, I can tell you anyone going to an emissions test station today is going to wait hours and some of the overworked stations are closing because of mechanical problems. When was the last time Ruiner had to go and get his own vehicle registration? When was the last time Ruiner put on his carhartt jacket and drove his truck for a vehicle emissions test?

My job is never "off". I've worked New Year's Eve, St. Patrick's Day, multiple Christmases, and every other holiday you can think of. I don't regularly get normal holidays off. I've had to work overnight shifts and then work parades a couple hours later. I've gone to court at 26th and California on my off days. I don't have luxury time that a man of leisure like Bruce Ruiner does.

Of course, Ruiner doesn't care. He's on a mission to balance the Illinois budget on the backs of the working class. He's on a mission to sabotage the Illinois Government and then proclaim Government doesn't work. He's on a mission to swindle more pension funds from those people he's already stolen so much from. Like all Plutocrats he's on a mission to turn the government into an unresponsive body which only caters to the whims of other Plutocrats.

So, if this screws over working class people, makes them irritated, causes them to miss work, or incur fines from the State, Bruce Rauner chalks that up as a win. Because the more government is hamstrung, the more the Illinois residents believe "government" doesn't work, the more the Chicago Tribune covers for Rauner, the more leverage he has to push through his agenda of turning the Illinois Worker into a Wage Slave.


Tom Harper said...

In other words it sucks to have Bruce Rauner as governor. I can't think of any helpful advice, except to be sure that every non-teabagger in Illinois shows up to vote in the next election, and they vote that M%$#!&F#$!&% out of office. I hate to see Illinois go the way of Wisconsin and Michigan -- formerly progressive diverse states that have been ruined by Far Right governors and legislators.

Grung_e_Gene said...


Fortunately we have Mike Madigan blocking Ruiner's plan and not the pliant state legislature of Wisconsin which couldnt wait to enact the Koch Brothers budget of wage slavery and corporate bondage.