Monday, October 26, 2015

Donald Trump has some advice for Poor People, Be born to a Rich Father

"We are a Capitalist Society. I've been on food stamps and welfare, anyone help me? No," - Craig T. Nelson
Those paragons of immorality, the poors have really gotten their comeuppance today from Donald Trump! On The Today Show, Trump proved once and for all why poor people are poor, they didn't have the good sense and business accumen to be born to rich parents,
"My whole life, really, has been a no. And I fought through it. It's not been easy for me. It has not been easy for me... My father gave me a small loan of a million dollars."
As with Mister Forunate Son Mitt Romney and his 47% Speech, Jeb???Bush and his petulant blah blah blah Daddy said I get to be President whining, or the blood-sucking tentacles of Koch Industries, Donald Trump's comments show that Capitalism is just the rebranding of Feudalism.

While Republicans are frightened and pouty about Donald Trump's continued lead, Trump is the Vox of the Monstrous Conservative Id, which they themselves released. Whether he believes what he says doesn't matter anymore. He's tapping into the Right-Wing Populist Rage of the white male, stoked for decades by Republican Politicians and Conservatives.

We are a full generation into the Ronald Reagan-fronted Vulture Capitalist destruction of the American Dream and elimination of the Middle Class. Once Republicans *and Pro-Business Democrats*, at the behest of their Plutocratic Masters, destroyed the manufacturing base, transformed the Nation into a service-based economy, and eliminated laws and regulations on the Financial Industry they made the bottom quarter of Americans into extraneous persons about whom they care not.

Reagan's marching orders from his rich handlers was to lower the Standard of Living for Americans. Because the Rich Neo-Feudalist Vulture Capitalists don't like a thriving Middle Class. The Middle Class which sees a stable long-term job, and retirement benefits for themselves and a rising future for their children is too unpredictable. They vote for and support evil things like Social Security, Medicare, Paid Family Leave, Sick Time and so forth.

But, a beaten down working class, keeps their voices low and their necks bent when one of the Koch Brothers walks by as to not displease the Titan of Industry.


Grung_e_Gene said...

Oh yes, I know OneFly, the so-called "Pro-Business" Democrats sold out the working class for a few decades now. Disaterous then, disasterous now, and the people are so put off by the Push for a Plutocracy that even the barest lip service towards populism spit out by Republicans has garnered them many continued election victories, even if they push through the Agenda of the Rich after winning.

Anonymous said...

Let's avoid spreading bothsideritus, shall we? Yes, *pro-business* democrats are a problem, but they are the symptoms of malignant plutocracy, not the disease itself. Judging by the resources devoted to inculcating bothsiderism within information flow, I would argue that The Titans of Industry are always well pleased by the immediate and unthinking reply: "but the democrats…"

Grung_e_Gene said...

Believe me Anonymous there is no Both Sides here, for historical purposes though the Blue-Dog Democrats who were most expelled in the last decade were a problem and unfortunately aided undying Corporate Monsters in undoing many of the Progressive gains of the 20th century while undercutting laws and neutering regulatory bodies designed to keep the Plutocracy in check.

The problem has been and continues to overwhelmingly be, the wholly owned Republican Party and their unthinking right-wing drones.