Friday, March 27, 2015

There's more than corn in Indiana, there's also the Right-to-Discriminate and be a Christian Bigot (Updated)

Are there any queers in the theater tonight?
Get them up against the wall!
There's one in the spotlight, he don't look right to me,
Get him up against the wall! - In the Flesh , Pink Floyd, The Wall (1979). Adopted by the Indiana Republicans as marching orders.
Republicans are going to force you to become christians. Not "Papists" mind you, because as Sarah Palin elucidated, Pope Francis sounds "too liberal" and the Republicans in Congress cancelled a Ceremonial Bill honoring the Pontiff because his Papal pronouncements too closely aligned with President Obama.

Now, we've listened to Phil Robertson fantasize about a horrific torture/murder spree he'd like to unleash on atheists which included raping little girls, beheading women and cutting dicks off now we have the Indiana Republicans and Republican Governor Mike Pence ramming through a Religious Discrimination Bill.

98 of the 103 Republicans in the Indiana State Legislature voted to allow Christian Bigots to discriminate against you because they feel like it. Like all illegal shameful laws passed, Governor Pence could not do this in the light of day but, had to slink into a secret room to affix his signature to the euphemistically titled Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

We've seen the Hobby Lobby Scotus decision empower business owners to dictate what you can and can not do with your healthcare, opening the floodgates for religious bigots to be able to tell you that you can not use your salary, your pay, or your benefits as you see fit.

This isn't about restoring the free exercise of religion or what a person does in the privacy of their own home or the practices of their church but, another step towards allowing businesses to discriminate.

The unfortunate truth is if you wish to operate a company in America you need to accept each and every customer regardless of whether you agree or disagree with their personal beliefs. You recall all the onerous regulations stifling business according to republicans? The Civil Rights Act of 1968 which outlawed Discrimination is what Republicans and Conservatives find onerous.

And what the Republicans are doing through the passage of these Unconstitutional and Illegal Laws is to build a case brick by bigoted brick to eliminate The Civil Rights Act.

As more laws are passed its getting closer and closer to the day when the political system which comes wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross triumphantly lays claim to the United States.

Fortunately, there has been a strong push back on Twitter/Facebook and On-line. Unfortunately, what the Clicktavists don't understand is Republicans Do. Not. Care. because they know most people don't vote and even if one Republican (Mike Pence, for instance) loses his position in Government a whole cadre of Republican stand ready to use the Awesome Power of Government to enforce their Bigotry.

Update 2:
So, a Right-Winger in Arizona pushed for mandatory church attendence across the Nation. Big Deal, you might think, until you realize the Right-Winger is an elected State Congresswoman who is willing to use the Power of Government to force you to attend a church.

Then again you might shrug and dismiss it as some local po-dunk backwater Teabagger with little power until Kentucky Senator Rand Paul and 2016 Presidential Aspirant has called for a Big christian Tent Revival to regain America's lost morality.


Stumbled here somehow said...

Wow, do people actually read and/or believe this stuff? You may want to get to know some Christians before assuming so much, lest you become exactly what you claim to oppose. Of course, projection is a natural human tendency when addressing the unknown.

justPassingThrough said...

It figures you wouldn't allow my comment from earlier this morning...

Anonymous said...

Thank God for Bigots

Professor Chaos said...

Oh my God, really? Commentors going straight to the #NotAll Christians? Pretty sure no one said all Christians, or even most.