Saturday, January 24, 2015

Pat Tillman was a Hero. Chris Kyle was a Butcher. (Updated with Sarah Palin's threat on Michael Moore's life)

Beyond the gross fetishization of every Servicemember being a Hero and every Servicemember having fought for our Freedoms the truth is that very little the US Military has done during the last 15 years has made America any safer, made Americans freer, or turned the world into a better place.

The Iraq War was a Monumental Failure, which has utterly destablized the region, stolen Trillions of dollars from the US Taxpayer, killed a million Iraqis, wounded a hundred thousand Americans, split the Nation asunder, and will be a black spot against the US for decades if not a century.

In the early stages of Iraq, after disgusting puke George W(orst President Ever) Bush declared the Iraq War over and was telling the Insurgency to bring it on, the Republican Warmongers and their feckless conservative lick-spittles needed a Hero to take heat off; Enter Pat Tillman.

Tillman, as most people know gave up a lucarative NFL career to enlist and served as an Army Ranger before being killed in a friendly fire incident in 2004.

After attempts by the Bush Department of Defense to cover up the facts surrounding Tillman's true cause of death and their use of Tillman's corpse to silence anti-war critics, we learned of Pat Tillman's atheism, utter disdain for George Bush, his disgust at the Iraq War, probable support of John Kerry for President and his admiration of Noam Chomsky.

Of course, Tillman was no longer a hero to conservatives. Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter, who had previously gushed and fawned over him, describing Tillman as "virtuous, masculine and pure as only the American Male can be" couldn't believe the man they had lionized would be against the War and read approvingly of works written by leftists.

So, conservatives abandoned the tributes to a fallen Soldier and buried his Hero Legacy with him.

Now, Chris Kyle is different. He massages every sick and twisted conservative pleasure center with his Book of Tall Tales. Blam! He killed so many Iraqis he became the Shaitan of Ar Ramadi... Blam! He gunned down looters in New Orleans during the Post-Katrina debacle... Blam! He punched out Jessie Ventura for bad-mouthing the US of A and President "I'm the Decider" Bush...

Chris Kyle is a hero to conservatives because he killed lots of Iraqis, whom Kyle called "savages". The same Savage Iraqis who attacked Us on 9/11! In reality, did anything Chris Kyle do in Iraq help the Iraqi people or the United States? Nope.

By all accounts he loved killing and thought every problem could be solved by guns. Thus, he lived by the sword and died by the sword... And the world is better off without him.

Remember when Free Speech Rights were the most important thing in the Universe? Ha, that was sooooo 2 weeks ago.

To Conservatives, "Free Speech" means the freedom for them to insult islam and threaten liberals. Semi-literate, mentally disabled right-wing darling Sarah Palin, not content with getting Congresswoman Gabby Giffords shot (in an attack which killed 6 and wounded 18 people) now is telling her cultists to 'set their sights' on Michael Moore.
Palin, along with MoH recipient Dakota Meyer. What's especially disgusting is the despicable Bush Regime used the natural sense of military brotherhood and camaraderie to stifle anti-war dissent.


Jerry Critter said...

A sniper is nothing more than a government hired murderer. It is sick to glorify a killer.

Patricia said...

I saw that disgusting sign she displayed. It's her right as an American! She also "rambled incoherently" because of a teleprompter glitch, you betcha! Keep going Sarah, hilarity ensued every time she opens her mouth.
As far as American Sniper, one of my best friends is an Iraq War vet. Four of his fellow veterans have killed themselves, there will probably be more. It is an epidemic. But they don't mention that in American Sniper do they?

Grung_e_Gene said...

Jerry and Patricia,

We send people to break things in war and are surprised when people come back broken?

But, the conservative response of attaching themselves to Kyle as a louse attaches itself to a jackass' behind is in keeping with right-wing tradition.

Conservatives gloom onto veterans because they want the honor and valor of those individual men to belong to them, UNEARNED.

This why the react so aggressively when not all Veterans are genuflected towards on when a Vet speaks out against war or War Criminals like Kyle are exposed.

It threatens the Stolen Valor they believe is their due for "Supporting the Troops".

Even though that support equals nothing more than the breath it takes them to utter that hollow phrase.