Thursday, October 17, 2013

How to "Save" the Republican Party

Step 1) Get President Obama to make Real and Substantial cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

Step 2) Triumphantly tell Wall Street Thieves they got the cuts they've always wanted while crying to the MSM they never wanted to cut Social Security or Medicare.

Step 3) Roll Social Security into Wall Street were the Trillions will be clipped, stolen and find its' way into a few thousand Cayman Island and Swiss Bank Accounts

Step 4) Run ads in every campaign for every office for the next 100 years that President Obama and the Democrat Party cut Social Security.

I don't care about the Republican Party except for the best ways to combat their evil actions and fascist goals. Right now, we have a chance to treat the Republicans the way conservatives want to treat poor people and the uninsured and "Let 'em Die!"

Sure, we might need functioning Parties in America, but what we need are political groups who represent American Values. And American Values are Center-Left, fiscally conservative, socially liberal and progressive in their make-up.

The Modern Republican Party is an Ultra-Reactionary cabal of Religious Zealotry, Gun Nuttery, Rank Bigotry, Vicious Inhumanity and Base Hypocrisy funded by Vulture Capitalists.

Remember George W(orst President Ever) Bush only started losing Public Support when he embarked on the Campaign to Steal Social Security. His favorability ratings began dropping with conservatives in 2005 after W declared he was going "to expend his political capital" and privatize* Social Security. Bush had been disliked by Liberals when he ignored the August 6th memo Bin Laden determined to Strike in US, when he lied American into War in Iraq over falsified connections to Al Qaeda and phony WMDs and when he approved Torturing people, but conservatives didn't mind any of that.

Since, then the American People have overwhelmingly rejected the politics of Republicans and their goals of Austerity, except for the infamous 2010 elections when the Plutocracy made a desperate Battle of the Bulge style lunge and inflicted the Faux populist Tea Party fanatics upon the Nation.

There has been a clear message of eliminating the disastrous Bush Tax Cuts, thwarting the Fascist Designs of the Party of the 1%, and a rejection of 35 years of Piss Down Our Back and Tell You It's Raining Reaganomics.

But, I'm worried that now having gained some momentum, President Obama will look to solidify his Legacy and that Neo-Liberals in his circle are telling him that He is the One who can change Social Security and that a Grand Bargain of cuts to Earned Entitlements for some window dressing changes to the Tax Code is the way to do it.

Of course, cuts to Social Security, which are overwhelmingly rejected by 90%+ of Americans, would indeed secure President Obama's Legacy... As the man responsible for saving the Ultra-Reactionary Republican Party and the Creation of the Neo-Feudalist Wage Slave State.

*- whenever a Republican says privatize it means steal.


ran said...

Your Battle of the Bulge reference aptly describes the current Republican Party. The last few years of Tea Party crap is a Bulge-like last stand before irrelevancy. Demographic shifts will make their current incarnation less and less relevant. Trying to preserve the safety net from attacks by Republicans and Obama-style Neo-Liberals will be the story for the next few years, maybe the rest of the decade. After that, barring unforeseen historical events, Americans should have a chance to strengthen the net.

Grung_e_Gene said...


Of course, the Battle of Bulge is an apt analogy! I know stuff which is why I made it!

But, the most impressive corollary following the Neoliberal March to dismantling the Social Safety net is the way in which Republicans have successfully convinced working class people to attach the chains of wage slavery and corporate bondage upon themselves.