Friday, May 17, 2013

Conservative Chickenhawks Scream about Marines and Umbrellas (Update: Photo Evidence)

Conservatives are sack less wonders. Despite not having the moral or physical courage to serve the country in Uniform, Right-Wing nutjobs believe they understand the Uniform Code of Military Justice and the Military Dress Codes.

Conservative racists are in a frenzy because Marines held umbrellas above the heads of President Obama and the Turkish Prime Minister during a rainy press conference.

M. Joseph Sheppard wrote an article for the Daily Caller about Umbrella-Gate which Free Republic and the Right-Wing Fart Bubble duly sucked in and regurgitated amongst themselves. 'Obama is demeaning and Demoralizing the Marine Corps!'

Of course, they don't understand JJ Did Tie Buckle because their cousin JJ can't even tie his shoes.

They pulled the same unhinged 'President Obama is demeaning the Office of the President' garbage when official White House photos showed Barack with his suit jacket off or with his feet propped up on the desk. Because Ronald Reagan never was in the Oval Office with his jacket off! And could you imagine the furor from Liberals if George W. Bush desecrated the Office by propping his feet up?!?

This is a consistent theme from the Right during Obama's Presidency. Republicans and conservatives have taken it upon themselves to destroy Barack Obama. And they see a successful way of doing this by causing as much turmoil and anger so that in years to come they can state 'Remember all the problems when Obama was President?' Hoping, most likely correctly, that people won't recall that conservative liars were the cause of all the fuss in the first place.

Conservatives have the mind set of Domestic Abusers, in that they blame the person they are attacking as being to blame for their attacks.

Despite all their proclamations, much of the vitriol directed at Obama is for the unforgivable sin of Presidenting While Black.

What is obvious, however, is that conservatives loathe President Obama but lack the moral fiber to proclaim it themselves, which is why they hide behind their thin sheens of 'Obama is demeaning the Office of the President' or 'Obama is demeaning the Marines'.

Conservative Cowards lack the stones to come out and say it themselves and, in this case, have to pretend they speak for the USMC.


Constitutional Insurgent said...

Though the comment of Conservatives not serving their country in uniform is baseless, I agree that the faux-furor over 'Umbrella-gate' is unwarranted.

I also question the need to hold a Rose Graden speec in the rain.....

Grung_e_Gene said...

There's a distinct pattern at play here CI.

Knowingly or unknowingly right-wing liars proclaim this act or that act is unprecedented for a President. It's a calculated plan of throwing tantrum after tantrum so they can talk about how unhappy everyone was when an evil Democrat was President.

They also have this propensity to proclaim themselves the champions of organizations they have never been a part of and do not currently represent.

And most of the conservative/republican hierarchy these days are avowed chicken hawks.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

I don't dispute the the right engages in petty appeal to emotion, as they are doing in this case. But the pattern of behavior is not confined to the political right.

I personally think a more weighty argument to proffer is that the right wing erroneously proclaims themselves to be champions - and near sole standard bearers - of patriotism.

I believe that Democrats currently outnumber Republicans in terms of elected veterans, but it's still a minority. The term chickenhawk doesn't hold as much political meaning for me, as I don't see a large difference in the motivations of military adventurism or liberal interventionism.

Grung_e_Gene said...


I use Chicken Hawk as a pejorative precisely because of it's emotional impact on right-wingers who have set themselves up as the Sole Arbiters of Freedom, Justice and the American Way via other people fighting wars.

I think you are absolutely correct on the dual nature of Conservative Military Adventurism and Liberal Military Interventionism.

The interventionism of Obama is doubly disheartening. 1) because I think he honestly believed it would give him attaboys from Republicans and the Right and 2) because like Mark Twain I'd sure like to know what benefit We are getting from our Empire.

It really doesn't matter how many Somali pirates he orders shot by SEAL snipers or how many drone attacks on "suspected terrorists" he approves to the right he is a secret muslim who defends terrorists while sending his IRS goons (or Union Thugs) against decent American Folks.

I'm glad he's resisted the push to invade Syria or Iran or North Korea. But, I wish he'd get us out of Trashcanistan NOW.

Sarge said...

I cannot recall ever carrying a umbrella while in uniform - and I have been through a monsoon. two typhoons, and a tropical depression in the Gulf - plus five years stationed at Tinker AFB in Oklahoma City - thunderstorms and tornodos.

If the President's Marine guards want tp protect him from the weather with a umbrella - That is what the White House Marine guards are trained to do...

I say, carry on!

The Master Sergeant

Green Eagle said...

We all know the real reason why Conservatives think Obama is desecrating the White House.

toma said...

Because he's intelligent, classy, and well-liked. I'm fired, aren't I?

ChickenHammer said...

As a veteran I know your flame regarding conservatives not serving to be absolutely false.

JJ DID TIE BUCKLE but oBama sent the message to the Marines of the WH Marine Barracks they should toss away their eagle, anchor, and globe to go fetch him an umbrella. It's obvious by his action that he considers holding his own umbrella beneath him.

Say what you want about his [lack of] respect for the office, the USMC, or the average American Citizen. oBama's actions speak for themselves.

Green Eagle said...

oBama? Now you idiot wingnuts are claiming that he's Irish? Forget it, no one is going to fall for that one

Grung_e_Gene said...

Sarge Green Eagle and toma

It just infuriates Conservatives that Obama is President but they can never bring themselves to say it. They have to couch their displeasure.

It always has to be about "oBama sent the message to the Marines of the WH Marine Barracks they should toss away their eagle, anchor, and globe to go fetch him an umbrella."

And that is where they trip themselves up. Step and "fetch" huh?

Grung_e_Gene said...

Oh, Chicken Hammer

Congratulations on your promotion to Marine Corps Press Corps Liaison Officer for the Barracks at 8th & I.

ChickenHammer said...

The Marine Corps Press Corps Liaison Officer is a corporal!? Who knew...

Grung_e_Gene said...

Well, by your stance of speaking for all the "Marines at the WH Marine Barracks" I reached that conclusion.

But since, conservatives consider themselves the only Real Americans of course they feel entitled to speak for everyone.

We all know why you are mad that President Obama has a military member holding an umbrella for him but why you didn't express such outrage when it was done for a Bush.