Monday, November 5, 2012

"President" Romney will liquidate the Poor and Middle Class

Romney and Republicans use the Poor like a Club, swung about at Election time and put away in some small dark place after they are done with them.

In the intervening years Republicans make policy as if the poor don't exist because Republicans don't care about 99% of the American People.

To Rich "Job Creator" scum buckets like Romney the poor really don't exist. Oh sure, Mitt Romney made his campaign of walking around ticking off numbers,
43 months of 8+% Unemployment, 32 milion more Americans on food stamps, $16 Trillion Debt, Obama "gutted" the work requirement for welfare.
And so forth. These are damning statisics. Of course, what Republicans and conservatives always attempt to obscure is the established facts that these problems are a direct result of the policies of George W(orst President Ever) Bush and the deregulation schemes of the Republican Controlled Congress of 1994-2006.

But, when it comes to the Poor Republicans and Conservatives are two-faced. While Romney was campaigning on the figures of increased food stamp use and high unemployment his Campaign was claiming the Poor aren't really bad off in America because they have microwaves.

Famously, The Heritage Report about Poverty stated the Poor in the country aren't really that bad off because they have a "reasonably adequate supply of food". While Sean Hannity advised poor people to eat red beans and rice.

Conservatives have been skating a fine line claiming Americans are worse off but not so bad as to require a fundamental change to the massive Income Inequality in the country.

But, these figures and talk of food stamps aren't thrown out to appeal to Poor Voters they are used to frighten the Middle Class into voting for Romney and his Economic Plans.

Well, Romney's One Point Economic Plan is to liquidate the Middle Class and reintroduce Feudalism to America turning every non-millionaire into a Serf.

Romney would use the same model and techniques he employed at Bain Capital. Upon stealing into the White House Romney and his economic Vultures would swoop in and load trillions in new debt upon the Middle Class by increasing the DoD Budget. Romney's plan is also designed to lower taxes on Millionaires and Billionaires and transfer the Tax Burden onto everyone else by raising Taxes on the Middle Class.

But, even the Romney and Ryan Higher Taxes on the Middle Class won't offset his new deficit spending. For that Romney and Ryan have declared their intent on slashing all budget items which aid the Middle Class and Poor by eliminating Medicaid, Federal Student Aid, Food stamps and taking Billions from Medicare and Social Security until they collapse.

Of course, Romney claims all he needs do is close tax loop-holes but, no Republicans will ever support him. Republicans fought viciously to keep Government Welfare for Corporate Jets, instead of closing a tax subsidy which lets the Rich have the Government cover their Leer Jet fuel and maintenance costs.

Republicans will never allow any tax increase on the Rich because they are the paid Guard Dogs for the Wealthy.

And what the Wealthy Masters of the Republican Party desire are people just at the edge of Poverty.

The 1% want to eliminate Food Stamps, Social Security, Medicaid, the Social Safety Net from the Federal Government because once people are pushed just to the edge of desperation they will accept whatever the "Job Creators" wish to bequeath upon them.

And with the Vulture Capitalism of Mitt Romney and the Republican Party the 1% will achieve their Dream of Liquidating the Middle Class and enshrining Neo-Feudalism in the United States.


Silverfiddle said...

"President" Romney will liquidate the Poor and Middle Class

Yes! And I can't wait! We hate the poor! They're always stinking and getting all in the way and stuff.

I heard that not only will Romney "liquidate the poor," He will do it personally with a large liquidation cannon build by Dick Cheney's Halliburton. The Cheney-Halliburton Cannon, they call it.

It is similar to the large gun Dick Cheney used to personally blast holes in the New Orleans levees.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Leaving aside your misdirection unfunny sarcasm, Romney's record as a 'Job Creator' supports my post. Romney "liquidated" DELPHI, Romney "liquidated" SENSATA and shipped American jobs and manufacturing to China, while Mitt made a profit off of the transaction.

Senator Bernie Sanders is far more credible than you in every regard, “It is very clear that virtually all of the Republicans are going to fight not only to extend Bush’s tax breaks for the wealthy, but also to lower tax rates for large corporations and wealthy individuals,” Sanders said, adding that GOP lawmakers wanted to cut Medicare and Social Security. "They want austerity for the middle class and they want more tax breaks for the rich."

And Thom Hartmann has correctly identified the Austerity programs adopted in Europe which Romney and Ryan plan to use here are designed to liquidate the Middle Class.

Anonymous said...

Gee, Gene, and people tell me I think and read too much when I say "The Hunger Games" is a future too near...

okjimm said...

President Romney sounds wrong. Would feel worse. I get this feeling he would try to solve the defieciet by having a bake sale.

Grung_e_Gene said...


I prefer The Running Man because the Hero is a Man not some little girl with a bow!!!

Ha kidding please don't beat me up...

okjimm, as a rich man he is entitled to it, but I think Romney would have a going out of business sale as he sold America off piece-meal to China.