Saturday, September 15, 2012

Conservatives side with America's Enemies against President Obama and the United States

Conservatives saw the Savagery of 9/11 and sought Political gain. The Smirking Mitt Romney eagerly rushed to build the foundation of his Presidency on the murdered body of Ambassador Chris Stevens.

Romney knows John Podhoretz, Dan Riehl, Jim Hoft, Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, Erick Erickson, Dana Loesch, Rich Lowry, Glenn Reynolds, Matt Drudge, Jay Severin III, Pamela Geller will concot a web of lies which they will tweet, blog, and scream about on Faux News to defend whatever shameless exploitation Romney engages in.

The Republicans and well-known right-wingers took up the call to defend Romney's shameless lies and ugly grave-robbing at the Values Voter Summitt. Stunningly, conservatives managed to top their despicableness by parading out the fake story of fake former terrorist who pals around with Paul Ryan.

Here is some of the bullshit conservatives are pulling from their ass and throwing at America:

So Marines in Benghazi like Bobbies in London. Very leading-from-behindish. John Podhoretz. The Marines at the Benghazi "Embassy" had no ammo!!! Except... There were no Marines in Benghazi.

Oh... Well, then the Marines at the Cairo Embassy were ordered by the Ambassador to have no ammo...
Nope, just another right-wing lie.
-The Ambassador did not impose restrictions on weapons or weapons status on the Marine Corps Embassy Security Group (MCESG) detachment.  The MCESG Marines in Cairo were allowed to have live ammunition in their weapons.  The Ambassador and Regional Security Officer have been completely and appropriately engaged with the security situation. Reports of Marines not being able to have their weapons loaded per direction from the Ambassador are not accurate.

Alex Cross, Maj USMC
Deputy Director, Marine Liaison Office
U.S. House of Representatives
B-324 Rayburn
Oh... Well then, unnamed sources claim Hillary Clinton was warned of the attacks 48 hours in advance! Nope.
“This is absolutely wrong. We are not aware of any actionable intelligence indicating that an attack on the U.S. Mission in Benghazi was planned or imminent.” Shawn Turner, spokesman for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.
Oh... Well then, President Obama is skipping Intelligence Briefings!!! Nope. Thanks to Karl Rove this one seems to be gaining the most traction, even Dick Cheney emerged from parts unknown to proclaim it on the anniversary of 9/11 (which Dick inherited). But, it's just that President Obama knows how to read unlike George W(orst President Ever) who had to have his reports read to him.

Conservatives are a disgusting lot. And as every right-winger is a chairborne chicken hawk commando with no intention of ever going anywhere near their beloved GWoT here's what happened stateside: The gunfire at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, had barely ceased when Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney seriously mischaracterized what had happened...

Romney and his Campaign "saw an opportunity to criticize Obama." Profit over People every time by Romney and his cadre of scum-sucking anti-American pukes. Conservatives with no knowledge but plenty of anger and evil intent decided to use the dead bodies to win political office before the Americans blood was even cold.

Conservatism is Terrorism.


toma said...

Oh incidentally the Muslims raped the ambassador. That too happened along with all the other atrocities. That's why we need Perfesser Mannequin because of his masculine market macho. He'll scare the hell out of the terrorists. If they have a fat pension plan.

Silverfiddle said...

Pushing aside your fleck-spittle rage for a moment, we still should ask why we are pouring hundreds of billions into intelligence when they can't even give us warning of these kinds of things.

Leslie Parsley said...

SF, as always, spewing spittle from his ass.

I not only think conservatives are voicing support for America's enemies, I think they are financing it. Wouldn't be a bit surprised to learn that some deep pocketed GOP operatives were behind this film.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Conservatives know the truth (i.e. that Obama hates America) but, the question is with the dearth of actual evidence how to convince others of the their revelation?

Why they'll just manufacture it!

Since the evidence doesn't exist right-wingers simply create it themselves. Re: the fantasy movie 2016: Obama's America, Liz Cheney proclaiming President Obama is abandoning "our ally Czechoslovakia", the infamous India Trip in which, lead by the deranged lying Michele Bachmann, right-wingers claimed 34 Naval vessels (the equivalent of 3 Carrier Groups) were tasked, 870 rooms were rented, and 3000 accompanied the President at a total cost of over 2 Billion USC,

"Well these are the numbers that have been coming out in the press," Bachmann declared...

Now we can add all the lies being manufactured by anti-American conservatives in regards to the current situtation.

There never is a lie to scurrilous. But, I'm sure they use the time-honored tradition of rationalization, after all they're only "helping" other Americans understand what they see so clearly.

Chili Dogg said...

MMMM...Feel the love!! Haha! No, it's more like feel the HATE from the blogger! Conservatives are "evil"? Huh? Most of them are normal hard-working people with family and friends. OOOOH! They're scary!! Haha! Seriously, grow up! Why do you have to demonize people just because they happen not to be a leftie? Because you're in a cult, maybe?

BTW, conservatives and anybody else who criticizes Obama doesn't need to make up anything. BO offers plenty of BS to criticize.

Thanks for being for diversity and accepting a post that does not line up with your views.