Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Do you want to know how dishonest Fox is? Even Fox Sports lies...

Jay Cutler has been very maligned as of late. Before getting to the perfidy of Fox Sports, here's a little about the beating he has taken in the last few years as the Bears QB. In the last 17 games, Jay Cutler has been sacked 63 times. Peyton Manning has been sacked 61 times in his last 64 games. Cutler has already been sacked 11 times this season and knocked down another 17 times, he's on pace to set a dubious NFL record for most QB sacks in a season.

8 months ago in the NFC Championship game Cutler suffered a torn MCL. Torn.

But, what did Fox Sports writer Jason Whitlock do? He wrote a column and stated this emphatically "I don’t need an MRI to confirm King Cutler quit".

Then Whitlock spent hours on 670 The Score yelling at Dan Bernstein and Terry Boers how Back when I played college ball he played a whole season on a torn ACL. Whitlock also told Boers and Bernstein if Cutler had been more demonstrable and more visibly in pain in the game or on the sideline he would have believed Cutler was injured. So basically, if Jay had acted more injured and feigned trying to gut through a bad injury it would have made Whitlock feel more convinced of Cutler's serious injury.

The entire "debate" about Cutler was despicable, but Fox always finds a way to surpass their previous dishonesty and shamelessness and continues the utter lack of any journalistic integrity within the entire Organization.

During the Bears victory over the Falcons on Sept 11, Fox Sports displayed the following headlines:
“Cutler Leaves With Injury”

“Cutler Lacks Courage”

“Cutler’s No Leader”
Then Darryl Johnston relayed “these are the actual headlines from the local papers in Chicago.”

Of course, they are not. The Chicago Tribune called Fox and got the following quotes from Fox Sports spokesman Dan Bell, "It was misleading." "The wrong word was used." "Our attempt was to capture the overall sentiment nationwide following that game.”

I don't know if someone over at Fox has a grudge against Cutler for demanding out of Denver or for failing their fantasy football team. But, the Fox Sports lies and maligning of Jay Cutler did not end with Week 1 but carried over into the Week 2 match up with the New Orleans Saints.

I don't listen to any Fox broadcast preferring Tom Thayer's erudite descriptions and Jeff Joniak's hometown partisanship over at WBBM 780.

So, last week when Fox Sports sent their #1 Team, I muted the tv broadcast from Where is Troy Aikman's Brain? and the inane blatherings of the overrated Joe Buck. So while I saw Fox broadcast I didn't hear what was being discussed until afterwards.

During the game as the Saints were beating the Bears, Fox showed several wide angle shots of Jay Cutler standing alone far away from the rest of the team. Joe Buck wondered 'I don't know why Jay Cutler is standing over there by himself' as Fox continued to hammer away at the Cutler is No Leader meme they have adopted. Finally, Troy Aikman had to halt the constant Cutler bashing by stating, he also watched the game far away from the bench so that he could see the entire field.

This is worse than misleading, this is outright fabrication and lies. But, then, Fox Sports is a subsidiary of Rupert Murdoch's NewsCorp. As Gregg Rosenthal wrote for NBC Sports over at profootballtalk, Why make up headlines when they could just hack into Cutler’s voice mail and create a real one?

I believe most Bears fans wish Cutler had responded to his critics thusly


Truth 101 said...

I picked the Bears to go to the Super Bowl this year.

You think if Cutler just said he was a republican, whether he is or not, this FOX News shit would stop and they'd give him love?

Grung_e_Gene said...

Oooof! Truth the Bears aren't going to the SB :( their o-line and wide outs just don't have it.

I think the attacks on Cutler have something to do with the fact he doesn't respond, it's like Obama Fox wants to provoke a reaction and are mad he won't rise to the bait.

After the baseless and brutally dishonest attacks on Cutler last year you know what he did? He went to lunch with his (then) supermodel girlfriend.

Anyone who watches the games and pays attention can see Cutler is one the toughest sobs playing football today. If Tom Brady took the amount of hits every game that Cutler does he'd be throwing helmets and bitching up a storm on the sideline and locker room.

And if Cutler proclaimed himself a birther, like Luke Scott of the MLB Orioles, he'd be a Faux News darling...

Truth 101 said...

Maybe I have too much faith that Martz can turn the offense into something big.

I still hold grave doubts about Lovie Smith. My prediction stands. FOX News can rip on me for it. me and Jay can take it. he has a hot supermodel girlfriend and my wife is super hot also. I'll take her to lunch.