Sunday, August 14, 2011

The People's Champion... Corporate People

I am yours
You are mine
You are what you are ~ Suite: Judy Blue Eyes, Crosby Stills & Nash

Corporations are people, my friend. ~ Mitt Romney

They’re us. They’re the middle class. We all own parts of corporations. ~ Rand Paul
The big reason things are going this way is because the Bush Economy and the Republican Recession had no impact on the Ultra-Rich. The Wealthy, The Plutocrats, the Hedge Fund Managers, the Billionaires, Corporate Unpersons are doing better than at anytime in American History, in 2009 the top 25 Hedge Fund managers "earned" $25 billion amongst themselves - more than they had made before the Bush Recession, and the stock market volatility, the Union busting, the Charter Schools, the Tea Party, the GOP are all happening to continue and expand their dominance.

Your Moneyed Masters are doing fine, so sit back and relax America. And if you're not fine with that? Well, too fucking bad the Corporate Unpersons and their lackeys don't want to hear it. And they won't.

Remember the Free Speech Zones John Ashcroft ordered to safeguard the image of the Bush/Cheney Presidency? They are back.

Paul Ryan doesn't want to hear from you plebeians. Don't you dare befoul his ears with complaints about him destroying Medicare and Social Security. After previously just having Police remove filthy peasants from his presence, Paul Ryan has set up a pay-per-view Town Hall meeting wherein questions and questioners will be screened and must fork over a fee in order to ask him a question. The fee is nominal but the screening is invaluable to Ryan as his town hall will seem serene and calm and the Media can continue to fawn over him as a brilliant policy wonk who knows what to do.

Republican congressman Doug Lamborn of Colorado called President Obama a "tar baby" so he's now deemed his office "Private Property" and has placed signs declaring "No Protesting".

And at the same time the Supreme Court recently ruled that threatening President Obama's life is protected speech. And this is after the 2009 Tea Party Agent Provocateurs ambushed Democrats at town halls over The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). And everytime Bill Maher or Janeane Garofalo picked on the wrong target, the duped impoverished conservative, and called them racist (for... well... being racist) the more the Teabaggers ire was raised, the more they set themselves against other working people and the more Karl Rove, Dick Armey, the Koch Brothers and the Plutocracy cheered.

What the Republicans have done is a create a system where they will not allow you to protest them. We are rapidly moving to a time of One Party control of the government, as Gore Vidal called it the Property Party, which ruthlessly curtails any protest aimed at them but happily allows protesters to rail against the other party (you know the weak willed demonic party of America-hating enemy appeasers, who seem more than willing to play the role of patsy, of punching bag, of the Washington DC Generals.

Meanwhile, Corporate Unpersons steal Trillions, instruct their lapdogs to eliminate all safety and environmental regulations, tear down and pilfer benefits for the working classes, and continue sending your sons off to die in wars of Imperialist Market expansion.

Corporate Lapdog Rick Perry calls for a moritarium on all regulations.


ran said...

The corporations are trammeled down by the plutocrats even more than the rest of us. Corporations, as people, are owned by other people! That's slavery! All stockholders are guilty of violating the 13th Amendment. We need to emancipate the corporations and end corporate slavery. Wipe out all slaveholder wealth and let the corporations be free.

Ahab said...

Voters need to remind both lawmakers AND corporations that we have a voice, and we have no patience for a plutocracy.