Monday, September 28, 2009

Republicans and Conservatives are a bunch of Punk Ass Bitches

"Hey hey come on man you ain't gonna do Shit" From The JCvD Masterpiece, Lionheart

The Republican Party is a ragged bunch of Punk Ass Bitches. This goes for 9/12ers, Birtherites, Teabaggers, the Get-a-Job Shouters, Conservatives and their handlers and enablers as well. They scream and yell, talk real tough and make hysterical demonstrations of anger but will never do anything about it. Because they are Punk Ass Bitches.

When these people bring guns to the events it's for one purpose; to intimidate. But when called out to put up or shut up the Republican bitches and their teabagging hoes ain't gonna do shit. It's because they 're all mouth and no balls. What most Republicans want, as always, is for someone else to do their fighting for them. Republicans routinely shirk military service fighting our Nation's "enemies" because not only are the Right Wing Punk Ass Bitches and Chicken Hawk Cowards but Traitors.

The Punk Ass Bitch Right Wing Republican Party of Traitors, who have for months been actively encouraging someone attempt to assassinate Obama, have called on the US Military to Overthrow the US Government.

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