Friday, May 22, 2009

The Pimp and The Prostitute

Everyone knows that Anderson Cooper is understating the outrage which would occur if a Democrat took on, as his mission, to undercut the president and cheer on another terrorist attack the way Liz Dick are doing. They would be called traitors.

Just ask the Dixie Chicks, and they were not even praying Al Qaeda would attack America the way Liz Dick, She Who Will not be Named 2, and the Thrice Divorced, Drug Addicted, Pedarast Child Rapist are...

So Liz Dick tell the American people why is it that everyone who undergoes a very controlled and completely supervised water boarding states it is torture? Yet Liz Dick and the other members of the Pro Human Pain and Suffering Crowd who have not, rabidly cheer on the practice.

Mancow Muller is the latest and his wasn't even "enhanced", Muller somewhat sheepishly admits he did not want to believe water boarding is torture but concedes it is drowning. And the guy administering the "water cure" admits to be untrained plus he doesn't place Muller in hour long stress positions, slap him in the face or sleep deprive him before hand.

Who can take seriously the stance of the Pimp and the Prostitute who have never been shot at, who have never shit in a hole in the desert, and who have never experienced water boarding? Liz Dick should be tried for warcrimes and subjected to enhanced water boarding prior to their final sentencing.

The disgusting Pro Human Pain and Suffering Crowd predictably declare it's not Torture because Muller was able to stop the procedure whenever he wanted and drowning isn't dying if you live...

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Dusty said...

These people just do not give a fuck. They have been behaving in the torturous, murderous way for thousands of years.

Wake the fuck up America! These are the bad guys.

Dusty Smith