Monday, December 8, 2008

It Seems Slightly Disingenious

to rally the forces of Small Fiscally Responsible Government to Champion the Downfall of the US Automakers over a sum between 15-34 billion after having allowed 1 Trillion or more to be allocated to save everybody else. But then those monies were used to help the Bankers not the evil evil Union of Auto Workers.

And the Bush Regime could always defiantly tell those Socialists at the Big 3 and their commie Union their bailout monies were "lost" in Iraq. But I suppose the 23 Billion is a paltry sum when compared to the 3 Trillion dollars Bush has managed to funnel to those who profit on Death, Destruction and Mayhem.

Rush Limbaugh explicitly and unequivocally states Barack Obama is causing the recession to continue in order to strengthen himself politically. There was a day when White House spokesmen warned Americans to watch what they say and segments wedded to the Left/Right divide claimed any criticism of the president in a time of War was tantamount to being the anal sex slaves of Al Qaeda.

Rush Limbuagh is not alone. Karl Rove (Paragon of Troof) and Bill O'Reilly both claim there is a sinister plot to keep the economy down in order to aid Obama.

Whomever is in charge you are the chattel of government. In the pursuit of National Interests, sometimes they take your money, sometimes your life and sometimes they take the monies and lives of your children.

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