Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I've always wondered if Creationists think all those Biology, Anthropology, Geology, Archeology Teachers who support, teach or reference Evolution are simply gullible or part of some vast conspiracy. I've got an answer. Evolution: The Big Hoax! It's the Darwin Conspiracy!

According to the site The Theory of Evolution has three fatal flaws. The best being Babies. Babies are proof Evolution is impossible. And here I thought Babies were proof the Second Law of Thermodynamics should fall flat on it's metaphorical face. Do you dare visit the Darwin Conspiracy and learn the other two?

But,a real treat is The Conservapedia. A Wiki for those who like to read Right wing news to reinforce their preconceived ideas, which is, of course, not a right/left issue but a human brain failing.

The Conservapedia entry on the Theory of Evolution is interesting... One of the great all-time thinkers in mankind's history, Archimedes, didn't support the Theory of Evolution therefore Evolution isn't true. Archimedes was brilliant one of the three greatest thinkers in history. But, here goes... It's possible Archimedes may have developed a theory of Evolution but we'll never know because ignorant Monks in the 13th century scrubbed away Archimedes great works and inscribed silly fairy tales on them.

Additionally, The Theory of Evolution has been "foundational to Social Darwinism, Nazism, Communism, racism and to atheistic communism" and "the Americans most likely to believe only in the theory of evolution are liberals".

Funny it seems the Bible is True after all; There is no new idea under the sun. As with the Monk and the Palimpsest, all the modern Creationist fanatics can do is work to erase man's achievements and replace them with fairy tales.


ran said...

Yeah..."Evolution is Missing a Mathematical Formula" so it must be invalid! I guess the author would apply the same logic to Germ Theory...and Creationist Theory as well.

Why do so many people that don't believe in evolution get the flu vaccine every year? If you think the flu virus doesn't evolve, shouldn't one vaccine be enough to keep you flu-free for your entire life? A true literal creationist should protest outside their local health clinic telling the weak and elderly to not get their annual vaccine so as not to buy into the Darwin Conspiracy.

Queen Harpy said...

Not that it'd have any desirable results (because their brains lie to them --- good read BTW), but I'd direct the idiots at The Darwin Conspiracy to read Meredith F. Small's Our Babies Our Selves -- there's a whole chapter on the evolution of babies written for a lay-audience. As it turns out, the reality that full-term human babies are helpless at birth is another piece of evidence that supports evolution. It’s a compromise to our bipedal posture… *sigh*

Here’s the thing… if Darwin Conspiracy can hire a web developer that good (the site isn’t great – but I’ve seen worse), maybe they can hire someone to teach them about what evolutionary fitness *really* means, or what population genetics are, or why we don’t birth clones of ourselves, or… oh, sweet jesus. Nevermind.