Wednesday, January 2, 2008

John Edwards, maybe, but I doubt it

Well, Mr. Edwards says if he's elected all troops will be out of Iraq within 9-10 months, save a contingent at the Disneylandesque US Mega-Embassy.

I applaud Mr. Edwards for the courage, in the current American political world, of admitting he made an error with his 2002 vote for war. As I've have stated earlier, it is difficult to admit an error and with political opponents ready to pounce on any actual or apparent change as flip-flopping, changing one's position becomes nigh impossible.

But, before I get all weak in the knees over Johnny I need to more closely examine the way Mr. Edwards made his money on malpractice cases. I hope it wasn't in destroying individual doctors from the perch of perfect, years gone by, hindsight. I also need to peruse Mr. Edwards other campaign statements.

As for future foreign policy, with this kind of money being allocated will you be able to resist the demands of the Warmongering profiteers?

Free Republic Update:
It's also sober to read what the Freepers have to offer up on John Edwards plan. Of course these people claim to support the troops, by wanting them to stay in Iraq forever. In reality Freepers use the troops as a club to attack political enemies...

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