Thursday, December 5, 2019

Conservatives want to Murder millions of Americans

Alright Pardner!
Keep on Rollin' Baby
You know what time it is
It's easy to get lost in the latest phony rightwing outrage, as conservatives pretend Barron Trump was subjected to attacks conservatives normally reserve for children like Greta Thurnberg, David Hogg, Emma Gonzalez, Chelsea Clinton and the Obama daughters. But, it's clear Conservatives have ache deep down in their shriveled loins to kill the Non-#Maga. Everyday another prominent or semi-known right-winger talks about Civil War or gunning down scores of innocent people.
Dinesh D'Souza: "If it ever came to a real civil war, probably our side would do pretty well since we have all the guns" 
D'Souza entire act is old; he's been a rightwing buffoon since the 1980's, but, it's highly doubtful he's ever handled a firearm in any capacity, let alone used one in any high stress situation.

The Impeachment of Trump is not going see D'Souza 'pick up his musket', although he will undoubtedly incite violence, because he and the MAGA Horde know Trump will not be convicted in the US Senate. But, the 2020 elections... now that... is something that worries them. That's why they constantly lie about Trump's achievements and concoct a elaborate web of perfidy by their enemies, the American Left usually referred to as The Deep State.

Now, of course, the Magat Horde lump all sorts of people into their mythical Deep State American Left; from #Antifa to Adam Schiff, but the goal is always the same to gin up a Casus Beli, a cause for war. And when Trump loses the White House, as former baseball player Aubrey Huff alludes, large-scale violence will be in the air. (Baseball 'CIVAL' Warriors?)

Because low level Right-Wing domestic Terrorism is already plaguing the United States. The Obama Department of Homeland Security correctly concluded the threat facing the Nation came from Rightwing homegrown white terrorists in 2009. And the past 11 years have borne that, out as white conservative gunmen have murdered thousands of Americans.

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