Thursday, April 17, 2008

These are the Trees of The State.

The trouble with the Maples
(and they’re quite convinced they’re right)

Arlington Heights Il (it's near Chicago)- Last week, 26 trees were removed from the public parkway along Gibbons. While the same number of smaller crab apple trees will be planted in their spots next week, neighbors are still mourning the loss of their older, much larger trees.

ComEd and the Village of Arlington Heights decided "most people want those bad-looking trees to come down."

Well, I'm glad the ComEd Corporate Hack and the Village Bureaucrat Owen Widmayer told the people who live on South Gibbons Ave how unattractive the trees truly are, because the trees can "become very unpleasing to the eye," so annually Widmayer and ComEd decide which groups of trees need to be replaced. Imagine the arrogance of the common man wanting to have the 50 year old 35-60 foot tall treees beautifying their neighborhood. How dare they question a government official.

"If they didn't want a tree to come down, they could have called us. I didn't hear from a single person," Widmayer said.

Where have I heard that argument before? I have a sneaking suspicion Owen Widmayer is a Vogon. His arguments are sneakingly similar to the Vogons chastising Mankind for not going to Alpha Centauri to view the order authorizing the destruction of Earth.

Well it's not Government's fault you stupid people couldn't get to the Arlington Heights Office and stop the cutting down of the large, beautiful maple, ash and elm trees to make way for scrubby 6 foot tall crab apple trees...

And the trees are all kept equal
By hatchet,
And saw ...
Rush, The Trees

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