Monday, April 7, 2008

Crisis of Credibility?

So, the Push continues. The Push to delude the American people about the Surge.

Lt. Col Lindsey Graham and Vice President Joe Lieberman have declared, "advocates of retreat" and "antiwar critics, meanwhile, face a crisis of credibility – having confidently predicted the failure of the surge, and been proven decidedly wrong." You can read the bios from Sourcewatch of Graham and Lieberman.

The utter ignorance of these cold-blooded chicken heartened Warmongering bastards is unbeliveable. They are willing to make the American people pay any price, they are willing to let American mothers and fathers sacrifice their children, they are willing to let the American people shoulder any burden, while they jet back and forth across the globe and sit on their pampered asses snidely pontificating to those who are against war, needless death, bloodshed and the theft of Trillions.

The surge is not a noun! It is a disgusting political euphemism to obscure from the American people the reality of what is happening in Iraq. The government continue to use thousands of American men and women as pawns in the transfer of Trillions of dollars to the MIC. By using collectivist, frankly Soviet style, lanagauge, Lieberman, Graham and other warmongers and chicken hawks in power deride the traitorous "advocates of retreat" while extolling the true heroes of the Homeland!

And of course these two push for the next chapter of the Occupation to be opened by claiming the "Iranians have American blood on their hands." Note the all inclusive Iranians and their, indicating I suppose every Iranian is guilty.

This is guerilla warfare. The enemy is not defeated by your stupid political rhetoric. The enemy has one goal: stay alive. As long as they can stay alive in the occupied area, THEY ARE WINNING. Each death of an American soldier is an extra added victory for them.

So, Mister Lieberman and Mister Graham while you were penning you little fantasy piece about decisive victory another 10 US soldiers have died. Why don't you go to the families of those who just died take your speech out of your suit coat pocket and stand in front of their mothers and read each word slowly so the gravity of the victory can sink in with them...

And maybe, just maybe, with you, too.

ThinkProgress has a nice critique on the Graham/Lieberman Propaganda piece.

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