Saturday, April 12, 2008

Drunk man in DC admits to Lying

Bush admitted he lied about Iraq, in an interview with Martha Raddatz, when he said "We're winning" and "We have a plan for victory."

"I thought it was failing, yes, I did," Bush said.

But you see he did it to keep Troop Morale Up! Because I can tell you from personal experience, being deployed in Iraq nothing not:
the terrier sized Euphrates river rats, the 97 days of 100+ degree heat, the sandbag filling details, the base beautification program, the unprotected port-a-shitters, the foul smelling shaving water, the hairy chicken wings, the useless jobless SNCOs, the convoy runs, would have killed my morale than if the president had told the truth..

But, the admission he is powerless in the face of his addicition (warmongering) is the first step. Wild emotional swings are also sign of an addiction. Now, fortunately we know for a fact Bush's warmongering addiction will not cost him any member of his family since no one in the extended Bush family has any intention of serving in the GREAT GLOBAL STRUGGLE AGAINST ISLAMOFASCISM.


Do you think it's possible Bush could say in 2010 that he lied in 2008 about the Surge Success?


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