Monday, April 7, 2008

US deaths sure are funny!

It's rare night when a right wing hack gets taken to task for his blind devotion to war.

But Chris Matthews, who gets a large amount of grief for "being a shill" for Bush, takes it to Pete Hegseth who has no idea of what to say when asked the question how many years more of combat in Iraq?

"Hopefully not that many more."

Hopefully? I sure hope I win the lottery. Mr. Pete Hegseth why don't you hope in one hand and shit in the other and see which one fills up first.

Watch at 5:35 when Matthews asks "when will we start not getting casaulties"? Hegseth reveals himself for the callous right wing mouthpiece as he allows himself a sardonic laugh at the ignorance of Matthews when it comes to War.

Matthews chides him for his laugh, "It's not funny". Good for you Chris. US deaths may be funny to Pete Hegseth, but they aren't to the majority of Americans. The majority which wants us out of Iraq.

After revealing himself as a warmonger all Hegseth can close with is the standard memo of the same Pro-Occupation points we've heard for 5 years now; "We need to stand alongside our allies, we are closer today to peaceful occupation, Things are better now!"

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