Thursday, April 17, 2008

Expelled has some real trouble now.

Imagine the problems Mark Mathis and Ben stein are going to face when their Cheap Tuxedo of a Movie opens in theaters this Friday April 18th and Yoko Ono brings down the her legal team upon them for using John Lennon's iconic song without permission.

The Legal Team for Yoko Ono led by Jonas Herbsman released a statement, "We are exploring all options." and the filmmakers did not have permission to use the song, for any amount of money.

Remember this is the woman who brought down the Beatles. The Beatles were bigger than Jesus. So by extension she is more powerful than Jesus.

I think all the expelled profits are going to find their way into the coffers of Ms. Ono.

Michael Shermer and Ed Brayton dissect and debunk Expelled here.

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