Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Atheists Unite! First Illinois! Then the White House!

Michael Medved is afraid an Atheist may attempt a coup and openly run for the White House.

As The Medved points out, "An Atheist may be a good person, a good politician, a good family man (or woman), and even a good patriot, but a publicly proclaimed non-believer as president would, for three reasons, be bad for the country." (emphasis added)

And what would those reasons be according to The Medved?
1) It would be hypocritical for an atheist to preside over a State sponsored Ceremonies such as Thanksgiving (because to whom would the president offer thanks "The Indians in Massachusetts?")
2) Great presidents are mystically tied to the people through god and religion.
3) We can't beat a Something (Islamo-Nazism) with a Nothing (Atheism).

These are seriously the arguments put forth by the Medved.

The Medved also uses the sloppy (or deceitful) stance of "the majority of Americans think X", presidents must honor religious persons like Billy Graham" and "religions do good work" to bolster his argument.

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