Monday, September 9, 2019

Trump loved 9/11, the Taliban, and pisses on the ashes of the WTC dead

Of all the sacred modern conservative shibboleths, September 11, was supreme. Invoked with anger and awe, reverence and rage, 9/11 was too never be forgotten.

So, perhaps it is odd how the Conservative Ubermensch, Donald Trump routinely pisses on the Ashes of 9/11, both back when it happened and currently as President and faces no backlash.

Trump's odious statements and lies about the day that changed everything were once as cheap and tawdry as the man himself. But, now have veered into syphilitic delusions of grandeur and megalomaniacal proclamations of sheer venal mendacity.

Trump praised the Taliban and Al Qaeda for knocking down the Word Trade Center buildings and making Trump Tower the tallest building in New York City.

When the law-breaking ecological monstrosity of Trump Tower in Chicago was being built he demanded it be the tallest building in Chicago, but the design team declined due to terrorism insurance and structural demands necessary post 9/11.

Trump has repeatedly and falsely claimed to have helped first responders at Ground Zero, recently declaring, "I spent a lot of time down there with you." This single disgusting outright lie should be enough to exclude Trump from polite company and ostracize him from America politics and power.

But, lying about 9/11 to #OwntheLibs makes it okay. Always remember conservatives always argue disingenuously.

Now, as the 18th anniversary of the day Republicans utterly failed to defend America approaches, Traitor Trump wants the Taliban to stride triumphantly into the United States so he can prostrate himself before them. If Trump wasn't an enemy asset would you be able to differentiate his actions from someone who was?

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