Friday, September 13, 2019

In a Butt, Butina and the Nasty Russian A$$holes

In between (buttween?) polishing the flaccid barrels of NRA members, convicted FSB agent Maria Butina used her honey pot to recruit the Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne into the Hillary Clinton Deep State conspiracy.

Or so he claims...

In reality, in a Butt Butina beguiled the old flabby white men of the NRA who were more than willing to accept millions from the Russian FSB. The number of rightwing dick pics Butina has on her phone and  thus in the hands of her FSB superiors, must have even astounded Vlad Putin. For decades, American conservatives have broadcast across multiple mediums their absolute hatred of liberals and Democrats. The gun nuts especially have been propounding their desire to round-up and murder liberals for 30 years. This information was readily and easily collected, collated and turned into a targeted #Agitprop campaign the NRA readily disseminated across the United States.

Earlier this year, before the Department of Justice requested their 18 month prison sentence on convicted Russian spy Butina, the New Republic ran an article The Spy who Wasn't, wherein they asked her rightwing assets, like Republican criminal Paul Erickson, to vouch for her. Besides being a mouthpiece for the direct dissemination of Rightwing lies the article was a woeful and willful piece of self-delusion
“[David] Keene [former President of the NRA] is a very astute judge of character,” said Erickson. “He spoke to Torshin, got to know him a little bit, and came to decide that Torshin was an honest man, which is rare in Russian politics.” At one point, Keene had invited Torshin to talk to the NRA’s legislative affairs committee in Washington. That, in turn, led to the invitation from Butina that brought Keene and Erickson to Moscow.
Keene was President of the NRA for decades until Oliver North took over, or so Ollie thought... The real power of the NRA has been Wayne LaPierre since 1977 when he moved in Washington DC, after not serving in Vietnam, and became the most powerful lobbyist in American History.

Meanwhile, after Butina made initial contacts with conservatives and those closely aligned with the NRA she began to amass information (the aforementioned dick pics) with which to influence as well as secure the channels so Russian money could flow into the NRA coffers.

So much money from Russian pimps and gangsters flowed into the NRA coffers that Wayne LaPierre was able to feed his $5000-a-day Italian suit habit it also allowed the Russian mob buy the Republican Party.  The NRA became a willing accomplice of the Russian mob to ensure more guns made it onto the streets of the United States and more Americans die. The NRA completed their transformation into a full-fledged Domestic Terrorist Organization.

But, conservatives don't care that Russia owns and controls not only their President, their Kentucky Senators, and the entire Republican Party because the American Right has sought out fascist allies across the Globe in their War on Democrats, the Progressive Era, and the American People. As such, conservatives willingly aligned with Vladimir Putin because they both hate the same people...

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