Thursday, September 19, 2019

#Antifa is terrorism because rightwing violence is coddled and encouraged in America (Updated)

“It's a thing called Article 2. Nobody ever mentions Article 2. It gives me all of these rights at a level that nobody has ever seen before.” - Dick Tater Trump
Conservative beliefs taken to their logical conclusion leads inexorably to Fascism. So, it's no wonder Trump and Senator Ted Cruz have called upon the FBI and Director Wray to declare #ANTIFA a terrorist organization.

Now, I will mention conservatives pretend to be against Big Government especially big Federal Government but, that's a lie. Don't expect calls of hypocrisy to alter conservatives minds' because they are shameless. Conservatives love big government when said government is devoted to the Reactionary destruction of minorities, liberals, feminists, LGBTQ, workers rights, clean air and water, and anything which interferes with returning the United States to a Neo-Feudal Wage Slave State where Americans are trapped forever in Corporate Bondage. 

If you were to ask a rightwinger for the goals and ideology of #Antifa or for a breakdown of funding and money flow, they will emphatically declare #Antifa are the Real Fascists and they are funded by George Soros (and/or the DNC). But, ask for recruitment techniques and methods or for an actual manifesto and the responses will get a little more generic. Then ask them for a detailed command & control table or an organizational Line & Block chart with actual names and you'll see the blank stare of those who have willingly swallowed rightwing propaganda and don't think for themselves or know anything.

#Antifa is a convenient bogeyman for the Right. It allows Republicans to grandstand and produce those unctuous floor speeches, Ted Cruz is known for. But, it's also a useful tool for the upcoming 2020 Elections.

Trump and the Republican can bemoan and wail, 'We tried to get those dastardly #Antifa declared terrorists but, those Obama DC bureaucrats and Witch Hunt FBI agents are too busy investigating innocent Trump! That's why you need to re-elect Trump and as many Republicans to office so we can drain the swamp, repeal Roe v. Wade, arrest George Soros, undo Obamacare, outlaw #Antifa, etc, etc, etc.'

The other more sinister reason for this is once the Republicans can declare #Antifa terrorists, well then they have to power to arrest anyone who speaks out against their agenda of hatred, intolerance and oppression. Did you protest the selling of National Parks for drilling and despoliation? You are #Antifa. Off to GITMO. Did you join Moms demand Action on Gun Control? Well, that's #Antifa. Extraordinary Rendition to a black site in the Seychelles. Are you a journalist Trump doesn't like? You are #Antifa adjacent, prepare to be slaughtered.

Perhaps, I should point out that Rightwingers have been busy on-line creating the justification needed to murder anyone they deem associated with #Antifa and conservatives have no problem openly discussing their plans to break into peoples homes and murder those on their lists of #Antifa.

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The Honorable, Esteemed And Distinguished Judge Dervish Sanders (A High IQ Individual) said...

Re: "...they will emphatically declare #Antifa are the Real Fascists and they are funded by George Soros (and/or the DNC)"...

According to a comment on my blog (made by a tRump supporter), Antifa is the "DNC's official militant wing".